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Why is John Carlson rocketing up Yahoo's rankings? (1 Viewer)


I know the obvious answer is "because Yahoo sucks."

But is any explanation for this? In my league's scoring system, Carlson is ranked as the highest-scoring TE for the remainder of the season. I know he has one more game to play than most other TEs, but it's still crazy.

A week ago he was ranked in the middle of the pack. They've increased his projection by something like 75% without him playing a game.

Just a glitch or can anyone think of a reasonable explanation?

Does anyone have any insight on how Yahoo comes up with its rankings? Are they purely computer generated, or is there human input?

I dropped the guy last week and picked up Miller because of the Shockey injury. Debating as to whether I pick him up or Olsen this week. I hate TEs, they were suppose to be deep this year and so far production is really in the pits.

Maybe he's ranked so high because Engram/Branch are no shoe-in to last the season?

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If Branch and Engram are coming back, the offense will be more productive, and the TE position will benefit from that productivity.

Similar to the "all ships rise" concept in the stock market.

Be glad that you're not messing around in the Salary cap league on yahoo. The values placed on the TE's are a joke. In the top 10 you see J. Stevens as #2 and K. Boss as #6 in terms of 'value'. Surprisingly enough Carlson is barely top 40.

i look at several site's rankings, and i will say that fantasy sharks is also ranking john carlson very high too - i think #4 this week for TEs. just as a gauge.

If Branch and Engram are coming back, the offense will be more productive, and the TE position will benefit from that productivity.Similar to the "all ships rise" concept in the stock market.
I guess that makes sense. I'm still shocked at just how they've raised his projection.
Is it PPR based? We know Seattle is gonna throw alot and their D hasn't been very good so far making them play from behind alot?

Like they may have to again Giants this week?

I was curious also, I was looking at targets and catches per target and he had a high ratio 12 catches / 15 targets in only 3 games. The fact that NYG defense brings pressure is generally good for tight ends and their middle of the field routes. I think he will have a good week. I think he should be ranked slightly ahead of Olsen (another possible waiver wire pick up) because of this.

Anyhow, hopefully he is just a one week fix for Winslow owners like myself :goodposting:

Just updating this because I'm even more amazed now. After last week's 0, Yahoo RAISED Carlson's season projection. Not just his remaining games, but his season total projection. I emailed a couple of Yahoo's staff writers to ask them to defend the projection, but I didn't get any reply.

I'm giving him one more chance based on this in the Seattle Times-

• TE John Carlson did not catch a pass, which Holmgren said was a problem with the game plan. "That's a schematic error on the offensive staff, myself included," he said. "He's got to be involved. He's a good player."
BusterTBronco said:
Dodds had Carlson ranked #28 TE this week in PPR rankings. :confused:
yup had him in and my gut said give Scheffler one more shot :thumbdown:
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