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WIS MMXIII Back to the Future 3 - MLB107075 (3 Viewers)

Rolling for divisions:











Oso Diablo





Spartans Rule










Northern Voice



6d100, rolled 4 times.

Roll set 1

Die rolls: 71, 53, 57, 59, 43, 78

Roll set 2

Die rolls: 1, 51, 4, 52, 83, 66

Roll set 3

Die rolls: 54, 35, 87, 75, 17, 7

Roll set 4

Die rolls: 97, 28, 49, 73, 26, 75
43 SoCalBroncoFan

53 Arsenal

57 Hoosfirst

59 Rodg12

71 Cheese

78 Scoobus

1 Eephus

4 Oso Diablo

51 Moops

52 BradyMarino

66 Sammy3469

83 TUpside

7 Kraft

17 LarryBoy

35 DocGreco

54 Spartans Rule

75 JFranco77

87 Bogart

26 RockNRolen

28 Boubucarow

49 FrozenTRE

73 Northern Voice

75 DougB

97 ChemX

Top League - East: SoCalBroncoFan -- Eephus -- Kraft -- RockNRolen

Top League - Central: Arsenal -- Oso Diablo -- LarryBoy -- Boubucarow

Top League - West: Hoosfirst -- Moops -- DocGreco -- FrozenTRE

Bottom League - East: Rodg12 -- BradyMarino -- Spartans Rule -- Northern Voice

Bottom League - Central: Cheese -- Sammy3469 -- JFranco77 -- DougB

Bottom League - West: Scoobus -- Tupside -- Bogart -- ChemX

so now they give me the 5 dollar credit. thanks guys

What is the breakdown of credits for winning?

I had the $5 credit from the e-mail and also a $10 credit from the last WIS (Steroid era?), but I didn't win that one, I think I may have lost in the final, then got completely destroyed in tourney of champions.

So luckily, this team of mine that will likely win fewer than 60 games didn't cost me anything.

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so, nothing about lining live players up together? top west has known livers moops & tre.
As I recall, the standard WIS schedule has relatively few interleague games but there's not a huge difference between intra-divisional and intra-league matchups.

I don't keep track of the heavy Sim Live owners. If somebody wants to move the existing divisions around to group the Sim Live players into a single league, I don't have a problem with that.

I am entering TU's team as a second one on my account, but he is a full starting pitcher short on innings.

I cant even meet the minimum with what he has available. Did he make any trades?

Can someone donate a garbage innings eater?

Does anybody have a problem if we give Dallas Keuchel and/or Nick Tepesch to SCBFckdUpside? They're both pretty terrible but they'll provide 250 IP of undrafted mediocrity.

Keuchel WIS card
Tepesh WIS card

I'm open to any other bright ideas to get this off the schneid.

Added Keuchel and Tepesch. Have one pitching spot left and I am 58 innings short. There are no pitchers left on his team that have 58 innings that I havent added. I still have Matt Thornton (43 IP), Josh Lindblom (31 IP), Phil Coke (38 IP), Joba Chamberlain (42 IP), Will Smith (33 IP) and Jake Odorizzi (29 IP).

You can only have 13 pitchers to start with and his lack of starters along with low IP relievers make it difficult to even field a team.

Is anyone using John Lannon? He has an ERA over 5.00 and a whip of 1.52. I am going to add him if no one objects. Just trying to make a team that meets minimum requirements. :)

I have Lannan on my roster as a mopup guy.

Suggest checking the Fantrax site under Players to find comparable crap undrafted pitchers.

Ok, the last team is in. That was more difficult than I expected it to be. Not enough starting pitching. Aramis is the only 3B on the roster and he only has 350 PA's. Backup 3B will be cobbled together from other IF playing our of position.

At least there are 4 starters with D range, 2 of them in the OF. :)


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