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WIS MMXIII Back to the Future 3 - MLB107075 (1 Viewer)

I found two roster entry errors that need to be corrected before setting divisions and the schedule.

ChemX should drop Jarrod Dyson. He was drafted by Larryboy and I see no record of a trade.

Moops should to drop Wesley Wright. He was traded to NV on Oct 8th.

moops with another deal. this #### is fun!

moops gives jon niese, wesley wright

northern voice gives jason frasor, joe smith, logan forsythe
damn. will do. forgot bout that.

do i need to create a ticket?

is it easier if we just start the league and i trade wright to NV for nothing?

damn. will do. forgot bout that.

do i need to create a ticket?

is it easier if we just start the league and i trade wright to NV for nothing?
You can either open a ticket or exit and reenter the league. If you do the latter, I think you'll have to reenter your AAA players manually.

17 . 14 [ 398 ] Larryboy. . . . OF Jarrod Dyson

And then mistakenly picked by someone else 17 rounds later. And then you requested him after that.

The league founder has realigned this league.

The league schedule will be generated within the next 24 hours.
You can't make MLB/AAA moves yet. I don't remember if this happens once the schedule is generated or after game #1

Well #### me. I forgot to Addison Reed to my AAA roster. I am so dumb

I submitted a ticket.

Stupid ####### AAA stupid bull####

I guess WIS doesn't have tech support on the weekends, and when some zit faced ##### shows up Monday, he'll be ready with a "your league has already started" message.

Here's to Marco Scutaro's C/C defense at 2B playing at SS and about 4 different 3B! Hooray!

Are anyone else's starters near death after their first starts? Homer Bailey is at 5 (15) and Julio Teheran is at 5 (16)
Kyle Kendrick is at 6(16). With a day of rest Jeremy Guthrie is at 31(100), I would imagine he was pretty dead as well after his game.

I could use some mediocre/crappy IF PAs, have mediocre/crappy RP IP to trade away. Sent some offers through the WIS site to a couple teams, but send me a PM if you have someone you don't plan on using and could use a few innings.

Bumgarner went from 6 to 6 to 20 to 60 to (100). 104 pitches

Masterson went from 6 to 21 to 51 to (92). 111 pitches

Feldman went from 20 to 54 to (95). 98 pitches

Shark went from 70 to (100). 107 pitches

Shark does have the most stamina but pretty ridiculous. Bumgarner surprised me when the (100) popped up for the 5th day. Shark will be good on two days rest.

Oh merciful Eephus, please submit a ticket so I can get Brandon Crawford on my roster.

Hi Thomas,

The founder, sf_eephus, must submit a ticket to approve this move.

Please have him include this ticket number, 122413.

Thank you!
Hey eephus, can you do this for me? I forgot to add Addison Reed when I re-entered the league. They need your confirmation.

Hi Patrick,

Please have sf_eephus send in a ticket with this ticket number, 122396, to confirm.

Thank you.


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