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WR Jason Brownlee, NYJ (1 Viewer)


Been hearing buzz about Jets UDFA WR Jason Brownlee, including playing with the 1's with Wilson out and toasting Sauce. Anything to see here? Jets moved Mims last week so maybe they like him enough to make the 53.

Draft Scouting Report:

67.72 (Role player)

Pro Comparison: Laquon Treadwell


Jason Brownlee is a circus-catch extraordinaire with the best "my ball" mentality in the draft class. He has contested snags galore on his film. He's long and lanky with explosiveness off the line and when the ball is in his hands. He has flashes of YAC talent but not a monster in that regard. His routes can be sharp, but needs to improve at the next level, and he's not overly fast. Overall, he's a fun Day 3 sleeper.


  • Ridiculous catch radius
  • Elite contest-catch capabilities with the leaping ability to match
  • Burst off the line is impressive
  • Has some wiggle against press and after the catch

  • Skinny frame, if CBs get their hands on him they can outphysical him
  • Lacks long speed to run away from NFL CBs
  • Routes aren't brutal but could use more sharpness and consistency

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