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WR Luke McCaffrey, WAS (1 Viewer)

Jim Nagy
Not sure how we've gotten to pro-day season and there's still such little buzz on younger brother of reigning NFC Offensive POY.

Usually siblings get over-hyped but Rice's Luke McCaffrey continues to fly under radars, even after strong @seniorbowl week and Combine.

𝑵𝑶𝑩𝑶𝑫𝒀 in this WR class works middle of field better than him. Dude is completely unfazed & has uncanny feel for someone who's only played wideout for two years.

QB background allows him to process on the fly & run full-speed thru zone voids like he does here:


Not saying Rice WR Luke McCaffrey is going to put up fantasy numbers like Puka Nacua did last year - no receiver in history of league has - but McCaffrey has as close to Puka's nuanced QB-friendly game as anyone in this loaded WR class.

Went back and watched Puka's BYU tape yesterday and it's more subtleties than wow factor.

Biggest similarities are route feel, elite toughness, and highly dependable small-window catching skills.

And we're also not talking enough about Luke's ridiculous Combine (fastest SS & second-best 3C). If we're just doing the testing comp thing with Puka, the RAS 💣 isn't close.


Rice's Luke McCaffrey is prime example why NFL scouts (and @seniorbowl) watch junior tape in offseason.

No receiver in this year's class made bigger jump over past year than @mccaffrey_luke.

One of big reasons Puka Nacua transitioned so quickly as a pro is because he immediately gained trust factor with Matthew Stafford.

McCaffey's tape is littered with contested/heavy-contact plays like this. 👀


If we're just looking for a converted QB with elite ball skills player comp for Luke McCaffrey, it's Raiders' ultra-dependable vet Jakobi Meyers.

We thought Meyers had best contested ball skills in 2019 WR class and he still somehow shockingly went undrafted.

Meyers is a guy that you can just "throw it up" to and McCaffrey has that same knack.

We liked/appreciated McCaffrey's game the more we watched him.

Crazy how many good W/SR and OL prospects there are in this draft. The QB class is overshadowing them, but the wides, slots and uglies run elite and deep this year.
“Washington’s depth chart is questionable beyond Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson, meaning there’s an immediate opening for McCaffrey if he has a strong training camp. He and fellow rookie, quarterback Jayden Daniels, used the spring to develop a rapport, arriving at the practice facility ahead of everyone else.”

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