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WR Michael Wilson, ARZ (1 Viewer)


He is one of the few rookie WR's with prototypical size and has decent draft capital yet there is no thread on him. In addition he is pretty cheap to acquire. I scanned through the completed rookie drafts and he has a late 3rd round ADP in dynasty leagues.

He has a pretty clear path to a starting job in the short term, more so than some of the guys being drafted in front of him in rookie drafts. I can't find a reason for why his ADP is so low, unless people are that down on the cardinals as a passing offense.

6'2" 213 pounds
4.58 40 yard dash
Above average broad jump and split on the 40.
3rd round rookie pick
Played in a major conference(Stanford)
Had a good senior bowl.

Current wr's in front of him:
Hollywood brown has hands with 10 thumbs.
Deandre hopkins is 30 years old
Rondale Moore is on the smaller side and has been injured in both his years in the league, missing 12 games
Jim Nagy @JimNagy_SB
Teased it last night.

Our top sleeper at any position for 2023 #NFLDraft is Stanford’s Michael Wilson.

Term “sleeper” is overused but it applies to Wilson, who we haven’t seen in any Top-10 WR rankings.

Here’s our case for why Wilson will be this year’s biggest steal.


Wilson generated plenty buzz after strong @seniorbowl week but unlike Jonathan Mingo, Tank Dell, & Jayden Reed his momentum faded after running 4.58 at Combine.

Not worried about timed speed because Wilson PLAYS fast.

Consistently got deep on 4.3 and 4.4 CBs in Mobile.


Ask any NFL wideouts coach what they are looking for and “ability to separate” is at or near top of list.

Big key to separating is ability to decelerate.

Wilson had top max deceleration -6.88 (YDS/S2) of ANY PLAYER in past five Senior Bowls per @ZebraTechnology. 👀


Q.) What’s common theme in this 🧵 clips?

A.) Wilson winning at LOS & top of route.

Every NFL team covets big receivers with shake who can create space so it’s 🤯 that Wilson flew under so many radars.

Wilson’s advanced release package leads me to his NFL player comp…


Sometimes takes a live exposure on a player for NFL comparison to click.

Seeing Wilson’s filthy release game in Mobile immediately reminded me of #Raiders Pro Bowler Davante Adams.

Wilson’s RAS score blows away Adams’ and his 10-yard time discrepancy is significant! 👀


Davante Adams slid all way to No. 53 overall in 2014, mainly because of his timed speed deficiency.

Quick refresher on @tae15adams elite releases:


Wilson’s detractors will point to missed playing time (appeared 14 games over past 3 yrs), but we’d roll those dice if we were GM.

Sure, injury history isn’t ideal but it’s nothing structural (broken bones) & NFL teams we’ve spoken to have solid medical grades on Wilson.


Final thing that gives us conviction on Michael Wilson is his overall character.

Wilson’s intelligence, maturity & pro’s approach reminds us of Commanders Pro Bowler Terry McLaurin and @TheTerry_25 is one of our favorite humans we’ve had in Mobile over past five years.


In WR class loaded with short and/or small slot-only options, we’ll take big (6015v, 216 lbs) explosive (37.5 VJ, 10-6 BJ) guy who can play all three receiver spots.

Without hard-luck injuries, @StanfordFball WR Michael Wilson would be a slam dunk second-rounder.

Stop sleeping.
Was hoping the hype would be quiet on this one. Where has everyone seen him go in rookie drafts?
Was hoping the hype would be quiet on this one. Where has everyone seen him go in rookie drafts?
Our 32 team IDP league is currently drafting in the 3rd round; his two copies went 60th (30th player) and then 70th (35th player). Back in June he went 4.12 (48th) in my SF. so I guess he’s rising.
5.11 59 Wilson, Michael ARI WR (R) Wed May 3 (12 Team IDP SF)

4.02 38 Wilson, Michael ARI WR (R) Sun May 14 (12 Team IDP SF)

3.01 33 Wilson, Michael ARI WR (R) Fri Jun 9 (16 Team IDP)

Rising across my 3 early drafts. The first 2 were held before Nuk was officially released (though it seemed obvious he would be). Current ADP is 42 for 12 team rookie drafts on MFL.
Michael Wilson caught 2-of-4 targets for 19 yards in the Cardinals’ Week 1 loss to the Commanders.

Wilson’s summer hype translated to a legitimate role as a boundary threat in the Cardinals’ offense, but as feared, it didn’t amount to anything in fantasy with Josh Dobbs playing quarterback. This offensive environment is simply too poor to place a WR4/5 bet on Wilson until Kyler Murray returns under center.

- Rotoworld
I’m sure there will be ups and downs but Dobbs has that offense looking a lot better than the fantasy wasteland I’d been expecting and he may have a chance to be an asset sooner than I thought
Can Joshua Dobbs support 2 relevant WRs, a TE, and a RB?
In AZ's three losses, Dobbs has 30, 31 and 41 pass attempts. He's also posted a traditional QB rating of 100 or better in three of four games (one was 99.9, but I digress). If you presume AZ is going to continue losing most games, the situation is not as bleak as it could be for the passing game.

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