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WW blind bidding values (1 Viewer)


I am in a league were you get 100 WW $ and it is a deep league with big rosters. And I need a couple of flex plays.. So basically my question is, how much waiver wire $ would you bid on these players down below? These are the players left on the WW that I could use in my flex this week.. PLEASE HELP!
I am 1-1 and I really need this win.

Jason Snelling?
Jordan Todman?
James Starks?
Shane Vereen IR spot, going to use him when he comes back for a playoff push?
Cordelle Patterson?
Jason Campbell? Wanna bid on him so I can take a QB from a team so they will lose this week (I know it is wrong) so, I have a better chance at making the playoffs. 16 teams, 11 off starters 1 QB (1 flex QB option) total 2 QB starters!
Mike Glennon? Future All-Pro QB!!!!!
Andre Ellington?
Denard Robinson?

Thank you in advance.


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