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Your First Celebrity Crush (1 Viewer)

Thelma Evans from Good Times, no question

didn't realize that show ended in '79.  must have been reruns on fairly soon after that.

I'm sure there were some before this, but Laurie Partridge is the earliest I can recall when I (thought I) actually knew why I was crushing.

Whatever you guys do, please don't post any pictures of celebrities.

We don't want to get this thread locked.

There was a commercial to order a Blondie album by mail... Remember being smitten by  Debbie Harry 

Catherine Bach is the main one.  The first one I had that was not completely mainstream was Julia Ormond in Young Catherine.  Looks like I was a senior in high school when this came out, so certainly not the first, but the one that sticks with me.  Everytime I see her in something, I remember seeing her for the first time.

Alyssa Milano was the age-appropriate one, but Heather Thomas and Tanya Roberts were the two that made me feel all tingly.


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