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Summer Grooves - Collaborative Playlists - Playlists completed (1 Viewer)

For tomorrow, I went with first two with the dice that have not appeared yet, so they can start getting filled out:

  1. Country summer
  2. Instrumental/classical summer
For instrumental, will allow songs that start with a laugh and then the “lyrics” consist of solely of the song title stated once at the start.

This should just leave songs with “summer” in the title as the only category not yet appeared, which will force for Thursday.
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Sunstroke by La Luz (instrumental)

Blue Canoe by Blue Mountain (country)

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Instrumental/classical - Nigel Kennedy - Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, Violin Concerto in G Minor, RV315 (“Summer”), III. Presto
(Could also qualify for rain)

Country Summer - Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel
(Also like the Old Crow Medicine Show original)

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Country summer:
Nick Hickman (great country name): Summertime Southern Style

The Elected - Waves

It’s BS that Sun Darts isn’t on Spotify.
5A: Robert Earl Keen, Barbecue

5B: Derek and the Dominoes, Let it Rain ... I'm a bonafide Clapton hater, but I love all 18 minutes of this.

6A: Percy Faith, Theme from a Summer Place (instrumental)

6B: Bobbie Gentry, Ode to Billie Joe (Country Summer) June 3rd is close enough to summer, yes?

BBQ / Pool Party

Sublime - Doin’ Time

The ultimate summer song. Nothing sounds more like a summer party at the pool, lake, function than this.

I almost took it for the Summer title category even though the title wasn’t changed when the ghost of George Gershwin made them change the words in the song so they could use the sample.
Summer x2

Summer Teeth by Wilco

Summer In the City by The Lovin' Spoonful

“Summer” - ABBA - Our Last Summer

BBQ/Pool Party - Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

Two songs with summer in the title

Summer Breeze

Summer Babe

I'm reminded of my Navy days. Guys would get dinged for wearing shirts with summer creases. Summer here, summer there.
Dammit, perfect summer song but it's not on Spotify - just look at all these words:
Barefoot Surfers - Summer Sun

mutter mutter...

I'll go with two shoelace-themed pool party songs:
AWOLNATION - Shoestrings

Submarines - Shoelaces
Hi I'm new here. Attention caught by tonight's subject change. What happens here? Is this a free for all?
Folk/acoustic x2

Feel Us Shaking by The Samples

Walk On the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket

Hi I'm new here. Attention caught by tonight's subject change. What happens here? Is this a free for all?
You can add up to 2 songs per day, they have to be in one of the categories. They’re being collected into summer playlists.
Yep, and welcome to jump in (and out) anytime. Not a formal draft. Just can’t pick a song for a playlist if the same song by same artist already has been selected for that same playlist.

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