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You're the GM of Titans QBs (2 Viewers)


Sooo what would you do now, if anything, at QB for the Titans?

Keep/trade Willis or Levis?
(Last year of contract) extend Tannehill?

Unless a Tannehill injury, there's only thirteen full contact practices and neither youngster is expected to play so it's possible there won't be much more to go on by draft day.
Also possible I understated what they can tell from practices in season.

You saw whatever you saw this summer so now....what would you do?
(1) I don’t know what (if anything) you could get for Willis in a trade but I’d explore that possibility.

(2) I’d try to extend Tannehill for a year or two. You’re not going to truly find out what you have in Levis (or any young QB) with the OL (or lack thereof) they have.

(3) Once you’re closer to having the OL you need (1-2 years from now) you can truly judge the young QB, whether that’s Levis or someone else.

(4) In the meantime, T’hill can keep them in the hunt -and- show by example what this team/O philosophy is, and, who knows? Maybe he ends up being the long term guy.
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I'd do nothing at all. Just roll with Tannehill, Levis, and Willis this year, and re-assess next offseason.

The Titans are still contenders in the AFC South. Tannehill is still solid, and both Levis and Willis have lots of raw talent, they just need development. With the investment of a 2nd and 3rd round pick, I'd just stay the course. Can likely always extend Tannehill next offseason if you want to, I doubt he's gonna be a guy tema are looking at as anything more than a stopgap solution, so I doubt there'd be some bidding war.
I would waive Willis. He's a practice squad / developmental QB. Maybe if he can become a gadget type to get on field more down the road.

If he's not your starter (which he's absolutely positively nowhere near NFL starting -- or backup -- caliber at this point) or able to contribute elsewhere (special teams / gadget), I see no value in Willis right now.

Easy call to roll with Tanny for now. See how Levis progresses and reassess at later time. If Levis unable to backup, grab a 3rd QB/backup off street. Depending on how Levis progresses, look at QB next offseason / Tanny
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consider replacing Vrabel at year's end. trade Henry while there's still value in the legs. who knows, bellichick might be available.
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Pretty weird to see a generally solid organization screw this up so badly. I mean, if the Browns or Jets popped off such horrible high 2nd day draft picks in back-to-back drafts, we wouldn't bat an eye.

But it seems out of place for the Titans.

Anyway, I hope they enjoy watching Sam Howell win 10 games this year.
Play Tanny until it's clear you are not making the playoffs...once it's clear you are not, trade Tanny and get Malik some PT to figure out if he can be the guy going forward. Make Levis sit another year, he's not close enough to matter yet.
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