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Capella's 24-hour, VERY bigly OH MY GOD HOW DID WE GET HERE thread


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Just now, [icon] said:

Otis, wait.... 


i had no idea O had such a boner for the pantsuit

Can't stand the Hill. Just think the other option is so atrocious that I can't fathom this. Ladies and gentlemen, your next president, the hand size/penis size #####-grabbing guy!

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To me, this still feels like the networks milking it for late night ratings . 

Up until 45 minutes ago, it seemed like CNN was spending 95 percent of the time of  the maps. Now, as we get later and more urban votes should be coming in, all the networks are just staying on the talking heads panels. not much number updating. they're trying to hold eyeballs

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4 minutes ago, tommyboy said:
7 minutes ago, Doctor Detroit said:

Can't wait until Trump brings all the jobs back to Ohio and Michigan as promised.  Gonna be a chicken in every pot out there! 

You know this won't happen

I believe in Trump, he'll deliver as promised IMHO. 

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Just now, Treynwreck3 said:

I haven't followed this thread for the past several hours. Has Tim's head exploded yet?

right down the street are all the squiston and tim comments you could ever want.  this thread is more fun.

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