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Whoppers - The Candy - Rate It: A Pole

Whoppers - The Candy - Rate It: A Pole  

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Voted 9. They're awesome. I can eat them non-stop until I either get sick or hit a weird mushy one.

Ummm... did your Whoppers look like this?

19 minutes ago, Sneegor said:

I like Starburst (whoppers are better) but I haven't eaten any since the stickiness pulled out a crown around 5 years ago.

Yeah, I have the same issues. That's no good. Expensive candy.

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7 hours ago, parasaurolophus said:

Was looking for something a few days ago. Found an open mini milk carton looking thing of easter egg whoppers with a best by 2016 date on them.

I ate one. It literally tasted like nothing. No chocolate flavor even. Just nada. 


I seriously would have thought I had COVID and rush to try something else.

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They make chocolate taste worse and they taste worse after chocolate. Right way to eat them is to start with them, eat as many as you want, but stop before your Pringle Response* kicks in. 


* The Pringle Response is the taste bud's sudden rejection of something it previously found enjoyable, like when you have a few Pringles and they are awesome and then suddenly you eat one that puts you past a tipping point where you immediately need to remove the mush of chewed Pringle from around your mouth and want to guzzle something that will wipe out the progression of swallowed Pringle mush that is headed to your stomach, like Drano or beer. 

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11 hours ago, rockaction said:

Thoroughly average, though underrated, too. Usually people hate the malted in their candy. I like it. But it's no Starburst, the King of Candies.

Love starburst but they are hard on the dental work.

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46 minutes ago, Brony said:

November 4th kind of candy. Not going to be the first candy you go for, but if you are wanting something chocolate, it's fine and better than an Almond Joy 

:oldunsure:  I rated Whoppers a 5.  Would rank Almond Joy an 8.  Personal preference and all that.

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