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    Competitive Fairness in Fantasy Football With This Eras Technology

    I completely agree with the OP. I used to scout my ### off and dominate most of my leagues. But in the last 5 years, all that scouting just doesn't pay off like it used to.  The best answer is to deviate league rules, IDP, etc. but most of my friends are afraid of that. 
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    Who is benching Tom Brady at Denver??

    I have Brady and Blount. My thinking is if NE wins, I do too, one way or the other
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    Danny woodhead

    Bloom called this all the way! I might even forgive him for the "Mark Ingram rookie hype" that wiped me out that year
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    FBG Week 1 projections

    As a person way too busy to make my own projection anymore, I use FBG's projections all the time and have had great success. This season, I will be watching closely Consider this long time subscriber, very concerned
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    Commissioner Appreciation Gift

    Start a thread on your sites home page and have Everybody say thanks on it
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    Ben Tate (weeks 11-16)

    OP = Nostrodomas Just maybe
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    Rg3 owners meeting

    OOPS!Hopefully RB3 can match :boxing:
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    What Would You Do?

    Who the hell plays fantasy football for money? Even in a big money league, that would be about $.05 an hour Slap him in the face with a glove and start pacing or your a wuss :boxing:
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    Can A Player

    I would hate kickers twice as much that week!
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    Stat corrections

    I hate these stat corrections. Seems we don't notice that wins were reversed until long after our weekly pot money has been paid out. Does anybody know what the CBS policy is?
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    What did you learn from Week 15?

    I learned the reason CJ Spiller doesn't get more PT is because he can't pass block
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    What did you learn from Week 15?

    Seattle may have something to say about that
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    What did you learn from Week 15?

    That by riding players from the WHITE HOT SEAHAWKS, you can overcome loses of RG3, Gronk, and Jordy and go all the way baby!
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    Week 16 WW Defense Thread

    I think some may actually dump the Seahawks because they are at home against the 49ers and go with one of the choices listed above. I think they will be pumped up with that home advantage and the division on the line, but it may be hard to force the 49ers into any big mistakes even if they beat...
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    Is all play really the way to go ?

    I hate H2H SCHEDULE LUCK with all my soul! I have been high scorer in one 10 team league 3 straight years and didn't earn a single week 14 bye because of schedule luck. :wall: One of those years, I wasn't going to make the playoffs but was saved by our "Wild Card" clause. The Wild Cards...