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100 Largest Islands in the World (1 Viewer)

Wow, just two. Been to a lot of islands in the Caribbean but only two are on that list. My son is going to Ireland after graduation for two weeks (bunch of friends and a few teachers). I’m pretty jealous since I’ve only been to continental Europe and my wife is really jealous since she is Irish through and through.

Is Australia not an island?  I didn't have college-level geography.  I'm counting it anyway. 8 for me.
Continents are not considered islands. Notice no Antarctica, either.

If an island was simply any land that's surrounded on all sides by water, then the Americas are one big island and Europe/Asia/Africa are one big island. Or if you count canals, then the Americas are two islands separated by the Panama Canal and Europe/Asia are a separate island from Africa because of the Suez canal.

Great Britain and Vancouver.

Also was very near Chichagof (#98) on a boat but I don't think I actually set foot on it.

Considering the wife and I have been to a lot of islands, I was surprised I'd only been to six of these: GB, Ireland, Hispaniola, Vancouver, HI, PR.

ETA...7... Viti Levu (Fiji)

Might be more, since I obviously don't know the countries attached to most of these 

ETA 2... No. No more. Lots of Indonesia represented in that list.

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I was wrong; it’s 18.



Great Britain


South Island NZ

North Island NZ









Hawaii (big island)

Puerto Rico



Most underrated?



Most underrated?

Worst would be Luzon or Java.  I feel bad about not seeing some of the more beautiful islands in the Philippines and just being stuck in an ugly, crowded, hot, and pretty dangerous place instead.  Same for Java except I've been to a lot of other parts of Indonesia so at least saw the good bits, too.

Underrated/overrated combo:  Borneo (under) and Bali (over).  Many people seem to have this dream of going to Bali, but I think if you're going to hit an Indonesian (or at least partially Indonesian) island, Borneo is the far superior choice.  It's beautiful and interesting, not so built up like Bali is, and has amazing food due to the combination of the Malaysian and Indonesian cultures.  Plus it is one of only two places that have orangutans in the wild, which were really cool to see.  Finally, while on Borneo you can, in addition to seeing the Malaysian and Indonesian parts, go to Brunei, which is not a place I'd want to visit again because of the headhunters (not kidding) and the absence of alcohol, but was crazy-interesting to see once.  Bali just wasn't anything special to me and is way too crowded.

Favorite...so tough.  If I could only choose one, I'd probably go for the South Island of New Zealand just for the sheer variety and beauty of the landscapes and some of the fun "extreme" sports you can do there.  Iceland would be up there, too, again due to the natural beauty.  And Borneo for the reasons above.  The only thing NZ is lacking that the others have is good food, so it's a tough call.

I am sorry but this is driving me nuts, the correct island is Great Britain. The United Kingdom is a nation which includes Northern Ireland.  England is a country and just part of the island Great Britain.


i just assumed this would be about someone parking their junky yacht in front of your islands take that to the bank brohans 


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