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2015 Spring Survivor Sign Up thread (1 Viewer)




IBL Representative
I can't remember...does this one start post-draft?
Monday for league 1. The other drafts will follow as the proceeding draft clears round 1.
That's the way it has been done. Once the first one clears the second one starts, this is done mainly to make sure all 16 from the 1st draft actually show up and draft. If not that someone from league 2 gets bumped up to league`1, etc...
Screw the league 1.....

I say we fire up league 4 Monday morning!



Sweet Love

IBL Representative
I got bumped to the SSL2 Draft...am I also needed to Draft in SSL3? I am fine with that, if that is the case...or bubbling back around to SSL4 if someone from 4 were to bump to take my place in 3.



Thanks for the invite guys, I don't have the time to dedicate to this to do it right. Hopefully I'll be back in for MBSL.

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If u need someone to move up, im available, as my hell Month at work has ended. Back to normal now


Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
i am willing to venture outside the ivory towers of league 1 and swim in the gutter if you need someone to double up to fill things out



I know we had some double up teams within SSL 4 last year. Willing to do 2 teams if needed to get the league up and running



IBL Representative
I can double up on SSL4 this year. Those with 2 teams each last year had a huge advantage in that one. Better to have different owners if you can.


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