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2020 NFL Free Agency & Trades - Jadeveon Clowney & Logan Ryan are still available (1 Viewer)

I think the most interesting thing in FA so far, is teams who refused to pay an extra 4-5 million for great players at their positions, and then turn around and dump 8+ million on scrubs. 

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Lions traded CB Darius Slay to the Eagles.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Eagles are trading third- and fifth-round picks from the 2020 draft to Detroit for Slay. He's already reached agreement on a three-year, $50 million extension that includes $30 million guaranteed. Slay usually worked as one of the league's best corners during his seven seasons with the Lions, regularly traveling all over the field (including into the slot) in order to erase the opponent's No. 1 WR. It's a massive addition for the Eagles, who have struggled to contain any and all elite WRs in recent history. The move means the Lions will likely think long and hard about devoting an early-round pick to the CB position.

SOURCE: Ian Rapoport on Twitter

Mar 19, 2020, 9:12 AM ET

Two things...one, they franchised him and two, my guess is with Burrows coming in they want to put him in the best position to succeed and Green definitely helps with that.
I know they franchised him and that doesn't mean they had to.  I suspect Green could have played last year :unsure:

I know they franchised him and that doesn't mean they had to.  I suspect Green could have played last year :unsure:
I believe when there was some rumblings about Burrow possibly not being too fired up about Cindy having Green in the fold was considered a big positive for him being comfortable there.

I know they franchised him and that doesn't mean they had to.  I suspect Green could have played last year :unsure:
I don't know if Green had anything to gain by it. By the time he would have come back the team was in complete free-fall. 

For that matter, I'm not sure CIN had anything to gain by it other than picking ~#4 instead of picking #1 if they would have had the misfortune of getting a few "lucky" bounces(against PIT/ARZ/OAK for instance). 

The Man With No Name said:
Kyle Allen traded to Redskins. Competition Backup that knows the new offense for Haskins.
I'm not sold on Haskins but there won't be any competition with Allen imo. I was surprised how much they gave up for him though with know workouts scheduled for the next several months. 

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Cam Newton to be released. If I'm an NFL GM, I don't sign him until after the draft and then it's a 1 year Prove It deal. 

@AdamSchefter: Panthers are expected to release QB Cam Newton today, sources tell ESPN.

I am not sure they would have paid Bridgewater if that was the case. 
He might help make them to competitive to be bad enough to get pick 1.1 but if they did I don't think his contract would be an issue. He's actually easy to trade after year one based on how they structured his contract. If not he's extremely easy to cut after year two should they draft Trevor and decide to roster them both for a year.

it's Ronald Jones' job to lose now.

In all seriousness I'm anticipating Rex Burkhead ending up there.
I thought Ronald Jones played pretty well last year. Really. He did not light up fantasy scoreboards but did not really get a big shot at much volume either but thought he performed well with the opportunities he was given.

I can't see Burkhead unless NE cuts him because I can't see BB wanting to help out Brady or Tampa. But as someone who owns Jones in a few places I'd like to see it versus the competition I fear he's going to ultimately face.

Arians has repeatedly said this offseason he likes Ronald Jones but wants to add pass catching complement. He went further in detail on that yesterday saying Ronald Jones did well in the screen game but he wanted a RB who could flex out as a WR(something like that).

Devonta Freeman fits that profile but so far have heard no interest. Burkhead as well but he's the property of NE for now.

So then we got the draft and the one RB that really stands out as making sense to me is CEH for two notable reasons.  He was one of the RB's at the draft asked to workout with WR's and he's also far more likely to be available when Tampa picks in round 2 then someone like Swift.

In fact if right now I had to try and marry one RB with one team in this draft I would marry CEH with Tampa. Swift to Miami would be option 2.

Not sure how I missed this thread this year. Thanks for the work tracking all of these signings, fellas. 


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