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2023 Week 18 SNF flex: Who ya got? (1 Viewer)


Week 18 schedule

Last year the league picked a game with wildcard implications (GB-Det) and sorta lucked out/sorta didn't, but usually it's two teams playing for a divisional title. Most likely contenders:

Steelers @ Ravens
Browns @ Bengals
Vikings @ Lions
Chiefs @ Chargers
Bills @ Dolphins
Falcons @ Saints
Eagles @ Giants
Jags @ Titans

My guess: If they can do Steelers-Ravens that would obviously be the preference, but that would require the Bengals to be out of the mix. Chiefs-Chargers would also be a good matchup, but I feel like KC usually locks up the division early.

In terms of which two teams are most likely to be fighting it out, I'd say Falcons and Saints, mostly because it's hard to imagine anyone else in that division sniffing a title. Probably won't be a ratings bonanza, but it is a heated rivalry

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