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**AFC Divisional Round - Texans at Ravens** (-9.5, 46) Kickoff Sat 4:30 (1 Viewer)

Darn. Well, we overachieved for sure this year and the core of the team is in good hands with CJ/Ryans. We also have some of the most cap space available to quickly address gaps.

Congrats Baltimore and Ravens fans! Hope to see you again in the future and put up a better fight next time.
Hopefully, this puts to rest the nonsense about playoff record for QBs like it's some kind of gold-standard metric.

QB is the elephant in the room so you GOTTA have a guy...& absolutely one with specific skills for todays NFL, but it's still the most team sport there is.
Ravens looked like they played themselves back into game shape in the second half. They are going to be fresh against whoever emerges from the frigid late Buffalo evening tomorrow
Interesting matchup to kick off The Divisional Round.
There's a reason The Ravens didn't play last week.
We sometimes get caught up in the last great thing and forget about the number one seeds.
LaMar has had some playoff frustration in his career.
I think he takes it out on this weeks opponent.
Houston deserves to be here and they are fun to watch and CLEARLY the best team in Texas,buy...

Baltimore Ravens- 33
Houston Texans- 17
Thank you very much :banned:
2 games with no offensive tds for Stroud against this defense. I love Stroud. The lesser obvious things he brings like his ability to move the defense with his eyes and the pocket maneuvering are top notch. He’s HIM and the Texans will be good for a long time because of it.
Whatever adjustments Harbaugh and his staff made at halftime...wow. That second half was like a completely different game. Dominating half. With that awesome D, the offense just has to be good for them to win.
What’s crazier is Stroud did this with these guys on offense. Nico has developed into a stud. Schultz was ok. Tank was great when healthy, but today he essentially had Nico and nothing else out there. Then you saw the poor running game.

And yet, a rookie still had the most passing yards per game in spite of all of that. CJ is getting a ton of credit, but man maybe not even enough because of what he’s working with.

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