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AFC Wild Card - Colts @ Texans (1 Viewer)


What's truly amazing watching this Colts team now is that ahead of week one I did something I very rarely do and put $$$ on my Bengals to win (feels like a jinx and let's face it I need chet levels of dollars to support a habit betting on the Bengals) - but I was like - lead pipe cinch they are way undervaluing the Bengals in this one. 

Cashed the ticket but man have they have turned it around.




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Always a good sign for your offense when you can run for first downs when they know that’s coming


Kwai Chang Caine

Every year we have to watch this crap Texans team make the playoffs and get given the crap Saturday time slot because they blow. Meet the new Bengals. 



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He didn't get both feet down after the catch is what I thought at first look

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