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allow me to be the old man brohans (1 Viewer)


throught pretty hard about posting this because it is hard but two of my buddies are not doing well with health problems and they both look pretty damned bad if i am being honest and we were going to get together this weekend but now one of the guys is thinking he needs to just spend as much time with his family as possible so its off which i completely understand and anyhow it really got me thinking about life and the limited time we have and how when you are a younger man than myself it seems infinite but  when you have been through what i have and get through to this side it seems incredibly too short and i got to thinking about how i did not prioritize a lot of stuff right that i should have and for me there is no going back and changing it now but for a lot of you burners in your prime you probably still can so basically it boils down to what my main man phil vassar said dont miss your life because it dont happen twice so please just think on it and make some changes this new year dial back the booze cut out anything harder than that tell kids bedtime stories while they will still listen be a coach be a fan take your partner out for a coffee and a walk even if means getting out of bed early or hell just stay in bed holding eachother believe in things be a friend lend a hand help someone move just do something more than sit in a room staring at a god dam tv or phone hug the ones you should and spend time with your friends and family clean and sober and get to actually know them and love them thats all i got take that to the bank brohans  

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Wise words. Sorry to hear about your friends' health problems and my thoughts and wishes (and prayers, if wanted) for well-being are with you and them. I'd also add to be a little more emotionally honest and courageous with our loved ones and friends and to be unafraid to be emotional and speak the honest truth about good things and be tactful about the bad. You'd be surprised where it will lead.  Best to you, SWC. 


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