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And the 4th QB taken in the 2006 draft is . . . (1 Viewer)

A lot has been made of the top 3 QBs, but who is taken next (and why)?

  • Kellen Clemmens (Oregon)

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  • Brodie Croyle (Alabama)

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  • Omar Jacobs (Bowling Green)

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  • Charlie Whitehurst (Clemson)

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  • Other

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T Man

THere has been a lot of talk about Leinart, Young and Cutler. But the talk doesn't end there.

There has been speculation that the Jets will bypass the big 3 and hope to land Clemmens in the 2nd round. His stock is rising fast.

Would a team like AZ pass on Cutler with the hopes that they can pick up Croyle or Whitehurst or Jacobs?

Bruce Gradkowski says he's gone in the third:

The Jacksonville Jaguars called me that day. Their guy, a scout, said he loved the way I played. He said he sticks up for four or five guys a year, and he said he'll stick up for me. The New York Giants called me Tuesday night when I was at the Pirates game. They wanted to know my draft day phone number, what teams I worked out for. Then today [Thursday], the St. Louis Rams quarterbacks coach, Doug Nussmeier, called me and left a message. It sounded like he was going to come in and visit with me before the draft, but we'll see. Next week, I'll be going out to Wisconsin and working out with Jonathan Orr. I'm excited. Greg [Diulus] just told me how the Steelers would like to get me, but they don't think I'll be left when they're going to draft [a quarterback]. I've been hearing that some team is going to pick me in the third round. I hear second through the fourth round or third through the fifth round. I think I'll get drafted in the third round, on the first day.
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I forgot about Gradkowski. I think he should be a first day pick, but I don't think someone will take a shot at him in the 2nd round.

Croyle looks good, but he is awful thin. More of a project. Besides his gameday performance, he was considered the next best QB at the Senior Bowl practices.

I thnk Jacobs has tremendous upside. But he is a high risk as well.

That leaves Whitehurst and Clemmens. I was thinking it would be Whitehurst, but lately I have been hearing Clemmens (and in particular, how the Jets are enamored with him - which is why they won't break the bank to get Leinart or Young.

I just don't know much about Clemmens.


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