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Anyone have the scoop on Trent Edwards? (1 Viewer)


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I could only find this blurb from an NFL blog:

Bills won’t rush QB Edwards back


Posted: Adam Schefter | Adam Schefter | Tags: Adrian Wilson, Buffalo Bills, Trent Edwards

There’s concern in Buffalo regarding quarterback Trent Edwards’ concussion and whether he will be able to play in the Bills’ next game, Oct. 19, against the San Diego Chargers.

Edwards’ concussion was not as serious as it could be. Still, the Bills are taking every precaution to make sure their quarterback is safe and he is not rushed back to action too early. The team has not made any determination yet as to whether Edwards will play or sit next Sunday.

But the fact that it still is a question sheds some light on the potency of the blow that Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson delivered to Edwards.
There's a thread on the Bills board started by a guy who ran into Edwards at a local store last Sunday & talked to him. Edwards told him that he is definitely playing, and he was driving his car. If he had post-concussion symptoms, he wouldn't have been cleared to drive.

Good news, thanks. What do you guys think of the +1 line against SDC at home?

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Parrish is back already?

Buh buh buh the thumb! He should sit out at least seven weeks or he's at great risk for reinjury! <Colston>


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