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Attempting to Drive from RI to Kansas in 24 hours today (1 Viewer)

JUST arrived home. My tongue is swollen, I am walking all off-balance like scarecrow in WOOZ, and my arm is randomly killing me. I got one hour ish sleep in the freaking 32 hours it took. I drove all of it, except for a tiny stretch Luke did in Ohio. He probably did 30 mins, lol. We also did stop at an ibuddies in indy to say hello for 45 mins last night. The trip took way longer than it should have. I had to keep stopping to use the bathroom and deal with the motion weirdness. That is probably why. Great trip overall though.
Glad you guys made it back safely. Best of luck to Luke.
BTW, I'm down here in Ft. Lauderdale and the older guy that is in the other half of the AirBnB duplex drove straight through from Vermont. He's probably 65 years old and has grandchildren. WTF? Why would you do that? Google maps says it's 21 hour from Manchester to Ft. Lauderdale. That's insane to me.
I think I lost a couple of my keys along the way. My Accord and Pilot keys. Although I feel like deep down I may have left them at home. Anyone here know anytabout hypnotizing or what?
this does seem a little odd. if i recall it was the Acura you drove, why would you bring the keys for the Accord and Pilot with you?
Exactly. But I did bring my key ring, I just can't remember/don't know where the two Honda keys went. My beach keys are gone also. Idk
You got nothing on this guy...

Made that drive a few times but definitely didn't turn right around and drive back lol
Yeah, it's the turn around part that's impressive. Assuming he did the round trip w/o much more than stops for gas and bathroom that's more than I would attempt. And he went to work the next day.
this does seem a little odd. if i recall it was the Acura you drove, why would you bring the keys for the Accord and Pilot with you?
Exactly. But I did bring my key ring, I just can't remember/don't know where the two Honda keys went. My beach keys are gone also. Idk
What are beach keys?
Keys to our beach cabana. I am going nuts trying to remember if I put these keys somewhere, or my son knocked them out of the car on the trip. It shouldn't be making me this crazy, lol.

Also haven't totally recovered from the drive. Cut the grass last night, and it was hot and humid. Grabbed a quick dot today and I almost fainted from the crazy head rush/migraine that came out of nowhere. I'm not sure if it was just from being worn down. I am having a bit of med withdrawal also. Gonna take it easy tonight, and think about keys.
Going to Waffle House to recover?
Going to Waffle House to recover?
I would have to drive to Delaware or Philly to make that happen.
There’s one in Bethlehem, PA that’s quite a bit north of those places.
Good call. 4 hr 19 min (266.2 mi)
via I-95 S
It was so close to 420
Also a close call is that it is on PA state route 412. (PA 420 is near Philly).
Update on the roster?
Just saw this. They delayed the announcement, then said they were taking one mixed age group. It ended up being mostly 2006 and 2007 kids who all went last year. So he didn't get invited, nor did many of the other 2005 kids. They took twelve kids out of sixty or so, and not the best players.

Apparently it turned into a bit of a political shiz show behind the scenes. That's what I was told by my president and a couple of other state heads. Some states (including ours) are breaking off from the national affiliation now. Pay to play always turns into a huge mess.

On a personal note, I am kinda relieved we don't have to deal with it. I also was told they sent the people who were invited a bill for 6k. That would have been tough to come up with quickly. There was one kid out of the sixtyish who showed better than my son Luke during the tryouts. We were both pleased to see it, and many parents and coaches told us how they saw him as the best player there. That was pretty cool and the truth.

I'm not sure what comes next, but this may be a blessing in disguise. sorry if Ramblin, half asleep.
Bummer ending. But you spent quality time with your son and cheated on your wife's cooking with some sweet, sweet Taco Bell burritos. Seems like a win to me.
Honestly we were not even bummed as we saw it all play out. Sounds silly, but he met alot of great players from around the country, made friends, and kicked their azzes. Everyone knew who the best players are. He is well positioned for the men's team next year. It's not affiliated with the youth group obviously, but has alot of coach overlap. There were like thirty coaches at this event.
And the USA Futsal is not affiliated with USA Soccer Federation? I guess since it's not FIFA I guess it wouldn't be.
The crazy thing is there are a few governing bodies for youth apparently. I didn't even realize that until I got there and my guys explained it. Soccer seems to view futsal as competition at times. I was already turned off about how youth soccer works in this country, so this wasn't a huge shock. So many people/organizations have big payrolls so it's mostly about getting paid. Kids are not just falling through the cracks, great players are just flat out ignored. Especially if they can't pay.

I'm hoping the men's futsal turns out a little different. I did my job getting a top shelf youth organization to the next level, and personally helping my son become a top player. Unfortunately after u14, most of the kids are just discarded and that's the end for them. I wish we stuck with baseball, lol.

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