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Surprise visit from my son and tickets to the Miami-NYJ game at Hard Rock (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

I come home from work on Friday Night, open the door and walk into my house expecting to see my wife as usual but instead I turn around and sitting on my couch in my Christmas pajamas with a huge smile on his face ear to ear is my 24 year old son. I was shocked because we had just seen each other On Thanksgiving Day at his house and we decided months in advance we could not get together for both holidays so I opted for Turkey Day at his house. My wife was filming all this and having a good laugh at me when my son announces that we are going to the Jets game on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium, he had bought tickets months ago to surprise me.


This is the result I would say from visiting his house on Thanksgiving which I will briefly share but basically it was me, Mrs, MoP Jr and his fiancee(March 29th-wedding) and a lot of people I had never met at my son's house that he bought on March 29h with his fiancee. There were at least 15-20 people/kids I'd never met and instead of my usual bravado I opted to stay fairly quiet. Did not want to embarrass my son.

Some of the highlights included an Aunt that runs an Only Fans site and wore a tube top that would have made Stevie Wonder blush. She was fashionably late and then as soon as my son and his fiancee passed out the wedding invitations or "Save the Date", the Aunt decided to stand up as my son was about to make a speech and carve the turkey in the 1st Thanksgiving at his house as tears began to well up in the corners of my eyes, Aunt OF decides to tell everyone she is pregnant while I started to guzzle more freely on my Narragansett. The announced father of this future child never touched a single bite of food at the Thanksgiving table...my son would later share with me he caught the future dad doing coke in the bathroom last Christmas at another house. These 2 didn't stay long and had several visits to make with other family and announce their little bundle of joy to the world.

-Mainly I just packed bowls and passed them around since most of the future in-laws all toke, I stayed outside in the newly screened in carport watching my son's TV out there and guarding the beer fridge. Everyone at different times came and sat around me wanting to puff as we watched the Macy's Day parade for 3 and half hours, **bleep!** but then the NFL games started and all was right
-There were several single moms in this family, most had children and I realized at 49 yrs old, I am the Senior Patriarch in the family once the wedding takes place. (I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid!)

My son managed to keep this visit a secret the entire NFL season. We get together over the phone/computer every Sunday watching the Dolphins games together and dreaming about going to Hard Rock, he was never a Miami fan before he entered my life at 17, he's 24 now. When Tua arrived he started watching a lot more Miami games. He was pure MLB when we met, he watched Cowboys games casually. But he watched all this stuff I do online and asked a lot of questions...now he drafts fantasy football teams alongside with me.

I am the luckiest man in Babylon as I remind myself. I'm just excited to be able to attend a Miami game with him today. I did take him to a lot of Rays games in St Pete when we first met even though I didn't care for MLB much. I didn't mind because I just valued the time I got to spend with him.
Awesome story MOP - very happy for you. You say you’re lucky but it’s not all luck. you earned this by being there for him. My son is coming home today so I’m firing up the grill to make his favorites - dads wings and smash burgers - but he won’t get here in time for the Packers game.

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