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Backup WRs: do they always ride pine when starters return? (1 Viewer)

Frank Black

Thinking about backup WRs who shine when the starter is injured, I wonder whether the data says the backup always returns to mediocrity when the starter returns. For example 2 or 3 years ago, Curtis seemed to continue to put up points even when Holt and Bruce were healthy, although he put up more points when Holt or Bruce was out.

This year, with Colston, Curtis, R. Brown, Boldin, and Plax (although only 1 game) out, Moore, Deshaun Jackson, Breaston, and Hixon have been strong plays. Should we assume they return to mediocrity or disappear when the starters return or should we consider that their coaches might give them more playing time by implementing more 3 WR sets?

Someone on this board may have looked at this type of scenario closely in the past and I'm interested in your thoughts.


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