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Build a FRANCHISE draft year 2 (1 Viewer)

We're waiting on Tennessee in the middle of the 46th round (ah so close). I assume FUBAR is just taking the holiday weekend off.

apologies for the delay, I think I saw that I was up but was busy with family stuff, then forgot.

Proxy pick is another small school receiver, Matt Hazel. (sleeper alert)

I moved the draft back 1 pick due to the 49ers selecting Charles Leno Jr (who was already selected at 46.07). Normally we could just let it go, but it's easier to allow him to repick since you can't edit the pick comments. Having the same player listed multiple times can be confusing.

So.....49ers, you're up still.

Does anybody want to make the current round the last round? I think 46 rounds is more than enough for a judge panel to rate the different teams.

Ending on this round sounds good to me also. Was waiting on 49ers to make a pick since they chose someone who was already selected, but never heard from them.

So we're done? If not I'll pick
Yes I believe we agreed to quit after this round so no need to pick unless there is an overwhelming majority to continue. Interest has really declined so I doubt most people will even want to continue. We still have two makeup picks from this round to be made as well.

I want to continue but I assume I'm the vast minority.

Assuming we are stopping, what do we do now? Since Auger seems to have judges lined up, should we post our team(s) and write-up(s) here?

Nate, what about the Madden sim?

I'm also in favor of continuing but also understand that if people are not here anymore every round will take too much time. Anyway I still need a kicker, I was planning to grab one in this round, unfortunately when we decided to stop I had already made my last pick. What should I do? Make my pick in this round (I'm the next in line after Detroit) or maybe the Commissioner can drop one of my draftees and add a kicker

I'd like to finish it out as well. At the least, I'd like to be able to pick up some guys still out there to get a complete roster. My opinion only but just set a 2 hour timer and let it run.

It would have been nice to finish it, but at this point I really can't be bothered waiting for hours and days on some teams making picks.

I'd rather just call it quits, 46 is plenty.

I want to finish and am definitely up for continuing as long as we can actually move at a decent pace with the clock back on....but if it's at the pace it's been going as of late it would be better to just end it.

I want to finish and am definitely up for continuing as long as we can actually move at a decent pace with the clock back on....but if it's at the pace it's been going as of late it would be better to just end it.
I don't see how it would get faster. Maybe after the NFL draft it might pick up some as we see what the real GMs think of players, but that's a couple weeks away.

I'd rather we do some write ups and such and be done with it. Honestly, my player knowledge evaporated the last 5 rounds of vets anyway HAHA.

Sorry about my general inactivity - life has been very busy lately.

I see two primary choices:

1. We end the draft

2. We complete one or two more rounds to let the owners round up their teams

The third choice is to complete all 53 rounds but based on the pace and interest of the past couple rounds, I don't know if we have enough steam left.

Regarding the judging aspect, I have two tentative judges including FBG staff member Cian Fahey. Cian however doesn't have the time to serve as a judge until after the draft.

I'm still asking other potential judging candidates and am hoping to get at least 3.

It sounds like the great Sigmund Bloom may also be willing act as a judge. His time is very limited, but he has indicated that he'd be willing to group the teams into different tiers.

If we're doing one more round, just make it free agency. FCFS.

(I say this as the guy who would have the first pick)

Any opinions on this? I personally don't care. It's late enough everybody is either a huge lottery ticket or at best a role player.

I also think everybody can start doing their writeups. I doubt anybody taken this late will make a big impact for teams.

I think we should just start the clock (make it an hour time limit) and let the last few rounds run. It doesn't sound like the judges will be available until after the draft anyway, so we should have plenty of time. If some teams don't pick, then so be it. We all agree that our teams are basically set, so if someone is happy with how their team looks with 46 players or whatever, then what problem does that create?

Will there be a separate thread for our write-ups?

I went ahead and took Brandon Williams, CAR TE

Drafted on MFL to get the email out to everyone, but presume a clock won't be on for a while if ever.

Washington Redskins

QB: Aaron Rodgers

RB: Joique Bell

WR: Demaryius Thomas

WR: DeSean Jackson

RB/WR: Darren Sproles
TE: Martellus Bennett
LT: Ryan Clady
LG: Andrew Whitworth
C: Evan Dietrich-Smith
RG: Larry Warford
RT: Cordy Glenn

DE: Everson Griffen
DT: Kawann Short
DT: Akiem Hicks
DE: Quinton Coples
WLB: Daryl Smith

MLB: Jon Bostic
SLB: Jameel McClain

CB: Orlando Scandrick
CB: Tramaine Brock
FS: Ryan Mundy
SS: Dawan Landry

SCB: Richard Marshall (plays outside with Scandrick moving to slot)

K: Blair Walsh

P: Britton Colquitt

KR: Sproles/DeSean Jackson/Jonyer/Sims/Hawkins
PR: Sproles/DeSean Jackson/Joyner/Sims/Hawkins


Dominique Davis, QB

Charles Sims, RB

Jerricho Cotchery, WR

Andrew Hawkins, WR

Ryan Grant, WR (Tulane)

Andrew Quarless, TE

Sean McGrath, TE

Tim Lelito, C/OG

Jack Mewhort, OT/OG

C.J. Mosley DT

Devon Still, DT

Dee Ford, DE

Anthony Spencer, DE

Darryl Tapp, DE

Dane Fletcher, LB

O'Brien Schofield, LB

Telvin Smith, LB

Dwight Bentley, CB

Jabari Greer, CB

Duron Harmon, SS

Lamarcus Joyner, FS


I think I have the best offense in the league and it's not close. I drafted offensive players early and often and it shows. Aaron Rodgers is an elite QB who has shown he can lead a team to a Super Bowl victory. My offensive line has multiple studs and Aaron Rodgers should have plenty of time in the pocket as each individual player excels in pass protection.

I plan to use 11 personnel as my main grouping. Demaryius and DeSean Jackson both have great deep speed and should be creating plenty of room underneath. Bennett is a tight end who thrives as both a receiver and a blocker. Sproles is so shifty and reliable and complements the outside, vertical threats on this team. Bell is one of the best screen backs in the game and has proven to be competent in all facets of the game. I envision using my backs similarly to how the Lions use Bush and Bell. Sproles and Bell should both easily surpass 50 receptions each.

My main concern on offense is Sproles and his age. When the season starts he'll be 31. During the regular season, the Redskins will need to put him on a snap count. Hawkins, Cotchery, and Quarless should all be competent options to limit the snap count of Sproles but none of those players bring the skillset and reliability that Sproles brings. Sims and Ryan Grant are my lottery tickets on offense who I'm not really counting on to contribute.


I think this unit will be below average at best and it's pretty likely that this will be one of the worst defenses in the league. I do think that for all of the early picks I spent on offense, the defense will be good enough. I want my defensive coordinator to blitz and gamble a lot and put an emphasis on generating turnovers.

My defensive line is the bright spot of my defense. Short and Hicks are both young and talented tackles. Griffen, Spencer, Coples, and Dee Ford should form a nice rotation on the outside at DE. On obvious passing downs, Coples and potentially Griffen may be moved inside to DT.

My group of linebackers is ugly. The lone bright spot is Daryl Smith and he is a definite 3 down linebacker for the team. Outside of him, I'm hoping at least one of my veteran linebackers can really step up. Bostic and O'Brien Schofield provide some upside at the position while McClain and Dane Fletcher bring experience and can be adequate "break glass" players with decent floors. Telvin Smith is my lottery ticket at linebacker. He's undersized but athletic and could be useful in subpackages.

I actually like my group of cornerbacks. Brock and Scandrick both played well last year and I think both are solid starters. Marshall is a versatile, veteran player who can play both corner and safety and not look out of place. Greer, if healthy, could be a starter for this team. That's a big if though. Dwight Bentley is a young player with athleticism and upside.

Safety is another potentially ugly position for the Redskins. I have Landry and Mundy penciled in to start but am really hoping Joyner and/or Harmon can play well enough to start. Marshall may be seeing time at safety depending on how things pan out.

Special Teams:

DeSean Jackson will be my returner in special circumstances when the Redskins need a big play. He is too important to be the regular returner. I am envisioning one of Joyner, Sims, or Hawkins being my regular returner. If none of those options prove to be reliable, then Sproles will handle returner responsibilities.

Kickers and punters are a dime a dozen but I got two of the better ones in Blair Walsh and Britton Colquitt.


My offense is going to score a lot of points and I feel like I have the best offense in the league. On the other hand, my defense will give up a lot of points. The biggest weakness of this team is at linebacker but I envision using subpackages with one or two linebackers the majority of the time. My defensive line and defensive backfield don't have any true studs but I think there is enough talent to potentially make this unit adequate.

In this draft, owners can build their teams in one of three ways:

  1. Offensive heavy teams with weak defenses
  2. Defensive heavy teams with weak offenses
  3. Balanced teams
I think the Redskins are best against category 2 and 3 teams. I don't think even the best defensive teams can contain my offense and my defense should be able to limit the relatively weaker offenses.

It's tougher for me to predict how games will go against category 1 teams because both offenses should overwhelm the other team's defense. I do think in shootouts with minimal defense, there isn't a quarterback I'd trust or want more than Rodgers.

Obviously I am biased, but I think the Redskins are one of the best teams in this draft.

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It looks like I am up - didn't even notice we were going again. Just skip me. My teams aren't drafting anyone who's gonna ever play anyway. Already have Kickers and punters.


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