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Dom Rhodes (1 Viewer)


What are thoughts on Rhodes this week? He could have a good week against the Lions. I can see Indy going up big and resting Addai for Rhodes. Is 20-80-2tds a stretch?

I picked him up quite a while ago just for this matchup this week. I was thinking that Addai would be resting up possibly if Indy could clear up their playoff picture (which they haven't totally done yet.) If they get up big, you are correct, probably lots of Rhodes.

But.... I don't like betting against a team trying to avoid history. Not saying that Det will win this game, but they could come out very, very strong for pride. If it's close, maybe more Addai that we hope for....?

everyone runs on the lions. thinking of sitting ronnie brown, just to play rhodes against the lions. if only addai would sit, than i would be golden.

If addai practices fully this week playing them both is not a bad decision either. worked for the titans and vikings


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