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Drafting First Overall (1 Viewer)

I will be drafting in two WCOFF main events this year and I drew the 1st and 8th slots. I'd like to get some early thoughts on where the best value is at this position. I'm going to use the FBG Staff PPR Mock Draft since I feel the PPR ADP data may be a bit off. I'll copy and paste the first 15 rounds and highlight the guys I want to target.

Format = 1qb/2rb/3wr/1te/1pk/1dt/1flex - standard ppr scoring, 0.05/passing yard and 4/passing td

Pick Drafter Pos Player Team

1.01 Waldman RB Chris Johnson TEN

1.02 Lammey RB Adrian Peterson MIN

1.03 Haseley RB Ray Rice BAL

1.04 Bloom RB Maurice Jones-Drew JAC

1.05 Levin WR Andre Johnson HOU

1.06 Dowling RB Frank Gore SF

1.07 Borbely RB Steven Jackson STL

1.08 Dodds WR Larry Fitzgerald ARI

1.09 Wood RB Michael Turner ATL

1.10 Rudnicki WR Randy Moss NE

1.11 Gray WR Reggie Wayne IND

1.12 Wimer QB Aaron Rodgers GB

2.01 Wimer WR Calvin Johnson DET

2.02 Gray RB Rashard Mendenhall PIT

2.03 Rudnicki WR Miles Austin DAL

2.04 Wood WR Brandon Marshall MIA

2.05 Dodds WR Roddy White ATL

2.06 Borbely WR Sidney Rice MIN

2.07 Dowling RB DeAngelo Williams CAR

2.08 Levin RB Pierre Thomas NO

2.09 Bloom WR DeSean Jackson PHI

2.10 Haseley RB Shonn Greene NYJ

2.11 Lammey WR Greg Jennings GB

With the first overall pick I'd be targetting one of ADP or CJ. For this particular WCOFF draft I've decided I want guys who have very high upsides who can help me win the overall grand prize. ADP and CJ both have the upside to run for 2000 yards, 20 tds, and catch a high number of passes.

2.12 Waldman WR Marques Colston NO

3.01 Waldman TE Antonio Gates SD

3.02 Lammey WR Steve Smith CAR

3.03 Haseley WR Steve Smith NYG

3.04 Bloom TE Dallas Clark IND

3.05 Levin QB Peyton Manning IND

3.06 Dowling WR Michael Crabtree SF

3.07 Borbely RB Ryan Grant GB

3.08 Dodds RB Chris Wells ARI

3.09 Wood QB Drew Brees NO

3.10 Rudnicki RB Jamaal Charles KC

3.11 Gray RB Knowshon Moreno DEN

3.12 Wimer RB Jonathan Stewart CAR

4.01 Wimer RB Chester Taylor CHI

4.02 Gray WR Chad Ochocinco CIN

4.03 Rudnicki RB Ryan Mathews SD

4.04 Wood WR Percy Harvin MIN

4.05 Dodds QB Tony Romo DAL

4.06 Borbely QB Matt Schaub HOU

4.07 Dowling WR Anquan Boldin BAL

4.08 Levin RB Cedric Benson CIN

4.09 Bloom WR Hakeem Nicks NYG

4.10 Haseley WR Hines Ward PIT

4.11 Lammey RB Felix Jones DAL

I'd pass on TE and QB with these two picks.. You can find good value at those positions later on in the draft. I see a couple RBs and WRs I'd like in these spots. I would grab two of Steve Smith (Car), Ryan Grant, Jamaal Charles, Chad Ochocinco, and Cedric Benson.

4.12 Waldman WR Santana Moss WAS

5.01 Waldman RB Jahvid Best DET

5.02 Lammey WR Dez Bryant DAL

5.03 Haseley TE Jermichael Finley GB

5.04 Bloom WR Mike Sims-Walker JAC

5.05 Levin RB Joseph Addai IND

5.06 Dowling WR Wes Welker NE

5.07 Borbely TE Jason Witten DAL

5.08 Dodds RB Reggie Bush NO

5.09 Wood RB LeSean McCoy PHI

5.10 Rudnicki RB Ronnie Brown MIA

5.11 Gray WR Vincent Jackson SD

5.12 Wimer RB Matt Forte CHI

6.01 Wimer TE Vernon Davis SF

6.02 Gray QB Tom Brady NE

6.03 Rudnicki QB Philip Rivers SD

6.04 Wood TE Brent Celek PHI

6.05 Dodds TE Tony Gonzalez ATL

6.06 Borbely WR Dwayne Bowe KC

6.07 Dowling QB Jay Cutler CHI

6.08 Levin TE Owen Daniels HOU

6.09 Bloom WR Jeremy Maclin PHI

6.10 Haseley RB Justin Forsett SEA

6.11 Lammey QB Eli Manning NYG

Again I'd pass up on QB since the top 5 are gone.. I usually like to stock up on RBs and WRs and grab TEs and QBs later, but I would seriously consider Jermichael Finley with one of these two picks. I'm looking for guys with high upside and I think he is going to be an absolute beast this year and compete to be the best TE in fantasy ball. I really like Addai and Best at this spot as well... Addai is more of a safe pick while Best would offer a lot of upside. I like Sims-Walker at this point in the draft, but I'd much rather have Hines Ward who went just before the 4.12 pick.

6.12 Waldman WR Pierre Garcon IND

7.01 Waldman RB Ahmad Bradshaw NYG

7.02 Lammey TE Kellen Winslow TB

7.03 Haseley QB Kevin Kolb PHI

7.04 Bloom RB Donald Brown IND

7.05 Levin WR Demaryius Thomas DEN

7.06 Dowling WR Mike Wallace PIT

7.07 Borbely RB C.J. Spiller BUF

7.08 Dodds RB Ricky Williams MIA

7.09 Wood WR Devin Hester CHI

7.10 Rudnicki WR Santonio Holmes NYJ

7.11 Gray RB Darren Sproles SD

7.12 Wimer RB Marion Barber DAL

8.01 Wimer WR Donald Driver GB

8.02 Gray WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh SEA

8.03 Rudnicki WR Kenny Britt TEN

8.04 Wood RB Michael Bush OAK

8.05 Dodds RB Jerome Harrison CLE

8.06 Borbely WR Steve Breaston ARI

8.07 Dowling RB Montario Hardesty CLE

8.08 Levin WR Eddie Royal DEN

8.09 Bloom RB Fred Jackson BUF

8.10 Haseley WR Robert Meachem NO

8.11 Lammey WR Johnny Knox CHI

I would grab Brett Favre with one of these picks, but I have a feeling his ADP will be alot higher once he announces he if officialy coming back. So lets assume he's gone at this point, in which case I'd continue to wait on QB as I don't see a ton of value here... You could easily wait til one of the next picks to grab one since 9 owners have already selected a starter at QB so I wouldn't expect to see a big run at that position. The only RB I like here is Michael Bush, but I'd pass on him if I already had 3 RBs. I'd most likely double up on WR here and take Housh and Hester.

8.12 Waldman WR Antonio Bryant CIN

9.01 Waldman QB Brett Favre MIN

9.02 Lammey QB Carson Palmer CIN

9.03 Haseley QB Ben Roethlisberger PIT

9.04 Bloom QB Matt Ryan ATL

9.05 Levin WR Derrick Mason BAL

9.06 Dowling QB Joe Flacco BAL

9.07 Borbely WR Braylon Edwards NYJ

9.08 Dodds WR Lee Evans BUF

9.09 Wood WR Jabar Gaffney DEN

9.10 Rudnicki RB Brandon Jacobs NYG

9.11 Gray RB Darren McFadden OAK

9.12 Wimer WR Jerricho Cotchery NYJ

10.01 Wimer WR Arrelious Benn TB

10.02 Gray TE Zach Miller OAK

10.03 Rudnicki RB Clinton Portis WAS

10.04 Wood QB Donovan McNabb WAS

10.05 Dodds WR Malcom Floyd SD

10.06 Borbely RB Cadillac Williams TB

10.07 Dowling TE Heath Miller PIT

10.08 Levin WR Devin Thomas WAS

10.09 Bloom QB Matthew Stafford DET

10.10 Haseley RB Arian Foster HOU

10.11 Lammey RB Toby Gerhart MIN

Ok now its time to grab a QB... Maybe even two QBs at this point. Obviously I like Favre, but lets assume he won't be here. In that case I'd grab Flacco for sure, and maybe even double up and add one of Palmer and McNabb as well. If I decided to only take one QB then I like Caddy or LT2 as a RB3/4 and I wouldn't mind Mason or Lee Evans at WR here. If I didn't end up with Finely then I'd like one of the Millers at TE.

10.12 Waldman RB LaDainian Tomlinson NYJ

11.01 Waldman WR Austin Collie IND

11.02 Lammey RB Larry Johnson WAS

11.03 Haseley WR Devin Aromashodu CHI

11.04 Bloom RB Tim Hightower ARI

11.05 Levin TE Visanthe Shiancoe MIN

11.06 Dowling RB Willis McGahee BAL

11.07 Borbely RB Ben Tate HOU

11.08 Dodds Def New York Jets NYJ

11.09 Wood WR Nate Burleson DET

11.10 Rudnicki TE Chris Cooley WAS

11.11 Gray RB Leon Washington SEA

11.12 Wimer TE John Carlson SEA

12.01 Wimer WR Chaz Schilens OAK

12.02 Gray WR Mohamed Massaquoi CLE

12.03 Rudnicki WR Julian Edelman NE

12.04 Wood RB Thomas Jones KC

12.05 Dodds WR Donnie Avery STL

12.06 Borbely WR Jacoby Jones HOU

12.07 Dowling TE Jared Cook TEN

12.08 Levin RB Laurence Maroney NE

12.09 Bloom WR Mike Williams TB

12.10 Haseley WR Mike Thomas JAC

12.11 Lammey RB Steve Slaton HOU

I'm guessing that I'd have a TE by this point, but if not I'd grab Carlson here. I'd love LT2 as a RB4 at this point. I'd absolutly love Schilens at this spot and I'd consider grabbing Aromashodu here, especially if I had Hester on my roster already.

12.12 Waldman WR Dexter McCluster KC

13.01 Waldman TE Aaron Hernandez NE

13.02 Lammey RB Correll Buckhalter DEN

13.03 Haseley Def Philadelphia Eagles PHI

13.04 Bloom RB Marshawn Lynch BUF

13.05 Levin Def Baltimore Ravens BAL

13.06 Dowling RB Derrick Ward TB

13.07 Borbely Def Minnesota Vikings MIN

13.08 Dodds WR Anthony Gonzalez IND

13.09 Wood Def San Francisco 49ers SF

13.10 Rudnicki WR Mario Manningham NYG

13.11 Gray QB Alex Smith SF

13.12 Wimer Def Cincinnati Bengals CIN

14.01 Wimer RB Tashard Choice DAL

14.02 Gray WR Laurent Robinson STL

14.03 Rudnicki TE Greg Olsen CHI

14.04 Wood WR Golden Tate SEA

14.05 Dodds TE Jeremy Shockey NO

14.06 Borbely WR Davone Bess MIA

14.07 Dowling WR Darrius Heyward-Bey OAK

14.08 Levin RB Julius Jones SEA

14.09 Bloom WR James Jones GB

14.10 Haseley WR Chris Chambers KC

14.11 Lammey TE Dustin Keller NYJ

At this point I'd just be stockpiling WRs as I don't see much value at RB. I'd also grab a backup QB if I haven't already done so.. I like Garrard or Henne at this spot if I'm going that route. They are safe picks and should end up as mid to low end QB2s. At WR I like Chambers, Kevin Walter and James Jones

14.12 Waldman WR Brandon Tate NE

15.01 Waldman QB David Garrard JAC

15.02 Lammey WR Jordan Shipley CIN

15.03 Haseley Def Green Bay Packers GB

15.04 Bloom WR Lance Moore NO

15.05 Levin WR Josh Cribbs CLE

15.06 Dowling QB Vince Young TEN

15.07 Borbely QB Chad Henne MIA

15.08 Dodds QB Mark Sanchez NYJ

15.09 Wood TE Fred Davis WAS

15.10 Rudnicki QB Matt Cassel KC

15.11 Gray Def Miami Dolphins MIA

15.12 Wimer WR Nate Washington TEN

16.01 Wimer WR Devery Henderson NO

16.02 Gray WR Bernard Berrian MIN

16.03 Rudnicki WR Kevin Walter HOU

16.04 Wood WR Terrell Owens FA

16.05 Dodds RB Bernard Scott CIN

16.06 Borbely TE Tony Scheffler DET

16.07 Dowling RB Brian Westbrook FA

16.08 Levin RB Mike Bell PHI

16.09 Bloom RB Lynell Hamilton NO

16.10 Haseley TE Jermaine Gresham CIN

16.11 Lammey WR Josh Morgan SF

16.12 Waldman QB Matt Moore CAR

I like Lynell Hamilton since Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush usually miss some games. Mike Bell would be a nice depth guy to have and Ringer would be a mu st have if I took Chris Johnson. I also like Tate and Moore at WR.

I wouldn't grab a Kicker or Defense until the last two rounds of the draft so I purposely left them out.

All in all my teams would proabably look something like this:

Joe Flacco/David Garrard - Chris Johnson/Jamaal Charles/Jahvid Best/Ladanian Tomlinson/Javon Ringer - Steve Smith/T.J. Houshmanzadeh/Devin Hester/Derrick Mason/Chaz Schilens/Chris Chambers/Lance Moore - Jermichael Finley

Joe Flacco/David Garrard - Chris Johnson/Ryan Grant/Jamaal Charles/Ladanian Tomlinson/Javon Ringer - Sims-Walker/T.J. Houshmanzadeh/Devin Hester/Derrick Mason/Chaz Schilens/Chris Chambers/Lance Moore - Jermichael Finely

Joe Flacco/David Garrard/Chad Henne/ - Chirs Johnson/Jahvid Best/Joseph Addai/Ladanian Tomlinson/Javon Ringer - Steve Smith/Chad Ochocinco/T.J. Houshmanzadeh/Devin Hester/Chaz Schilens/Lance Moore - Zach Miller


I would definitely suggest trying to take a QB a round or 2 earlier.

This year, I just feel that there are about 10 or so QBs that I would be comfortable with as my QB1, and Flacco does not fit that description. I just think that you would be losing too much ground at QB for the slight upgrade you would be gaining at the other positions.

I would definitely suggest trying to take a QB a round or 2 earlier.This year, I just feel that there are about 10 or so QBs that I would be comfortable with as my QB1, and Flacco does not fit that description. I just think that you would be losing too much ground at QB for the slight upgrade you would be gaining at the other positions.
Well I feel like taking a QB at 2.12/3.01 is just too early.. I could grab one of Rivers or Brady at 4.12/5.01, but I'm not in love with either of those guys this year. Brady could be missing Welker while Rivers could be missing VJax. I could grab a QB at 6.12 at 7.01, but the guy I liked best at that spot was actually still Flacco. I have him ranked as the 11th best QB this year and am happy with him as my starter as long as I have a solid back up or two.

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