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[Dynasty] 2023 NFL Draft Class (1 Viewer)

Chris Trapasso @CrisTrapasso

After what feels like 50 awesome WR draft classes in a row, right now, the 2023 WR class looks bleak

NFL DraftID @MockDraftMonday

I have been thinking the exact same thing…legit could see only 2 or 3 in the first. I also am in the camp that Boutte is the most overhyped guy in this class…I cannot understand it.
Like many of you, I need to start putting some name tiers to '23 draft capital before I trade these picks away. I'm kind of getting the sense that the mid to late round 1sts have taken a bit of a hit with some of the big names off to uninspired starts. Of course other names are emerging to counteract that as always. Grateful for any input for names that should be added or eliminated to this very sloppy, very preliminary top 24 (1qb):

1. Bijan Robinson rb tx
2. Jahmyr Gibbs rb al
3. Zach Evans rb ms
4. Sean Tucker rb syr
5. Jordan Addison wr usc
6. Jaxson Smith-Njigba wr osu -- stock down
7. Tank Bigsby rb aub
8. Kayshonn Boutee wr lsu -- stock down
9. Quentin Johnston wr tcu
10. Michael Mayer te nd
11. Devon Achane rb a&m
12. Zach Charbonnet rb ucla

13. CJ Stroud qb osu
14. Bryce Young qb al
15. Josh Downs wr nc
16. Deuce Vaughn rb ksu
17. Blake Corum rb mi
18. Will Levis qb ky
19. Israel Abanikanda rb pit -- stock up
20. Chase Brown rb il -- stock up
21. Hendon Hooker qb tn -- stock up
22. Kendall Milton rb ga
23. Parker Washington wr psu
24. Jaheim Bell te sc

others to watch? Rakim Jarrett, Jermaine Burton, Marvin Mims, Jonathan Mingo, Jayden Reed, Zay Flowers, Keylon Stokes, Xazavian Valladay, Moh Ibrahim, Chris Rodriguez, Daijun Edwards, Kenny McIntosh, Jaren Hall, Phil Jurkovec, Anthony Richardson, Tanner McKee, Grayson McCall, Pennix, Hartman, Arik Gilbert, Sam Laporta, Josh Whyle....

On a side note: if anyone needs proof of how spot on my October draft boards are, just take a gander at this majestic beast from October of last year: :lmao:
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I haven't put in much work since the summer when I did some prep for my dev draft. At the time I had Bijan, Gibbs, Tucker, Smith-Njigba, Addison, and Boutte as some of the best prospects I watched, with Mayer also in there for TE-premium. Corum flashed for me as well and was a name I liked as a 2nd-3rd tier candidate. I liked Dontayvion Wicks as a sleeper pick at WR.

Not THAT much has changed for me so far this CFB season as most of these guys "are who we thought they were".

Since you mentioned Quentin Johnson, I'll say that I didn't really like his clips when I watched him this summer. He's athletic, but has such a long frame and long stride that he operates in very large windows. Separation may be an issue. Tall guys often struggle with break point quickness, and that looks like it's going to be an issue for him. He's not fluid or sudden like Drake London. I think the comps for Quentin are Justin Hunter and Sidney Rice. Hunter is interesting because he had all the straight-line athleticism in the world, but just couldn't translate it to consistent production because he was limited as a route runner and possession guy (he also had drops issues). I probably lean towards Johnson being an overdrafted bust in the tradition of Rice, Hunter, and Roy Williams. He looks like he might absolutely blow up the combine, so it's going to be hard to hold to that pessimistic evaluation amid all the hype. Optimists may see glimmers of Calvin Johnson and DK Metcalf with him. I'm still worried that he's just too much of a one-trick guy. I'll look at his highlights for the 2022 season before I close the door on him. Today I would be a seller.

Corum is tearing up the NCAA. I'll stand by Myles Gaskin -- Miles Sanders as the range of outcomes for his NFL career. He has a very similar list of positives and weaknesses. Same joystick quicks, but not super big and without true burner speed. Let's see how he tests. I can see him being anywhere from a 2nd-4th round NFL pick. Likely a useful NFL player, but a lot of times these guys become that Gaskin, Edmonds, or Gio Bernard type where they just kind of float around the league without being the man for a team.

Still a big Tucker fan. He doesn't get the ink of the big school guys, but it's certainly in play for him to have a better NFL career than Gibbs and Robinson. He's a complete package of RB traits: footwork, cuts, power, and speed. I'm thinking he comes off the board between picks 25-50. For the sake of draft stock, you'd hope he weighs 215+ at the combine and hits 4.4x in the 40. A low weight or high 40 time could drive him a little bit down the board.

Wicks was my other pick in my devy draft and has had a bit of a nightmare season. Drops issues, bad QB play, low production, and maybe some injury concerns too. He took a lot of big hits last season and may be hearing the footsteps somewhat. Not as high on him today as I was in the summer, though he still presents NFL caliber physical traits. The hope here would be a Josh Palmer type of trajectory where someone takes a chance late day 2-early day 3 because of the traits and potential. Can't say he needs to be in your top 24, but keep his name in mind too.
Running backs putting on a show today. This class is really good
Could be historically good at running back. I could see as many as 8 guys going in the top 3 rounds. Bijan and Gibbs are the obvious ones, but Evans and especially Tucker continue to put up big numbers every week. Corum is playing out of his mind. Tank had a huge game today as well.

Boutte showed some life today. JSN should return soon and show everyone why he’s still WR1. Addison has looked phenomenal.

The hype is warranted, particularly for SF and 2QB.
Love the talk, thinking about what can be had next year

just had interesting offer from team that just blew his team up this week, whose 2024 1st I own. That pick is going to be top 5 if he owns top 3.

so 15 team Superflex, TE premium, IDP, PPR. QB get 5 per TD. Top scorers in league

I see draft as
1. Team A. Cj Stroud
2. Team B Will Levis
3. Team C. Bryce Young
4. Team D Bijan Robinson
5. Team Me. Top WR out of Njigba, Addison, Boutte, Quentin
6. Team E. one of WRs or Michael Mayer or QB like Hendon, Richardson.(Has Watson, Mariota, Baker, Willis)
7. Team F. Jaymer Gibbs
8. Team C. Mayer or WR if gone
9. Team B. 3rd WR
10. Team Blew. QB of 2nd level
11. Team A. Zach Evans
12. Team Blew. Darnell Washington
13. Team F. Sean Tucker
14. Team G. Last WR
15. Team Me. Hate this spot and hope for error above Or trade up

I do have 4 2nds (Today 2.6, 2.10, 2.14, 2.15)

the next level is RB(Corrum, Achane, Bigsby) WR(Downs, Burton, Washington, Jarrett, Tillman, Rice) TE (Gilbert, Bell, LaPorta) QB (Hall, Hendon) DL (Will Anderson) LB (Simpson, Sewell, Tootoo, Campbell, Flowe) all in the running To be drafted round 2.

but how does it rate to 24 draft. Would you rather picks 10 and 12 in nice 23 draft or top 5 in 24 and late 2nd In 23. Follow now but not 2024 much.

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