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Dynasty/Redraft/Rookie rankings - Paid Content (1 Viewer)


I was checking some of the dynasty rankings for kickers and defense, and got the message

"No rankings submitted within the last 14 days."

I noticed this in the redraft and rookie sections also. I could edit the url to 21 days, but nothing further (with the same error message). If there's a way to look back further clearly I don't know it. =)

Regardless, could you please default it to the last set of ranking submitted, regardless of date. Thanks.

I had this problem some weeks ago, it's a shame that power that be don't keep a rookie ranking throughout the season.

Agreed. Also, it would be nice to perhaps see a section on the players pages about any recent good or bad news for dynasty purposes. Would probably take a lot more effort, but it would be cool to see the dynasty aspect get a little more attention.


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