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Dynasty Superflex 1.01 - Does it have to be Caleb Williams? (1 Viewer)


It looks like Superflex Tier 1 has come down to Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr and we know that in Superflex leagues, QB's are king.
Caleb Williams has been in the lead for 1.01 for quite some time and now steps into a much better situation with the Bears than the 1.01 normally would.
We're also hearing the word "generational" getting thrown around for MHJ and he ends up in a good situation and should get a great target share right away.
Every post-draft Superflex mock I've seen has Caleb Williams at the 1.01, is this the correct call or take-lock?
Is Caleb Williams the automatic pick at 1.01? Are there any situations where you would consider going with MHJ at the 1.01 instead?
How do you go about evaluating the decision? Best trade value? Best for your team? Least risk? Other factors?
Honestly, they’re almost equal but unless it’s a 8-10 team league, Caleb is worth just a little more. If I had the 1 and didn’t need a QB I’d try to get something to move down to 2.

As it is, I have the 2 and don’t NEED a QB (dak, Watson, Carr) But would give something small to lock in Caleb over MHjr.
Yes, Caleb Williams should be the 1.01 in SF and 2 QB leagues. He has all the tools around him so it's on him to succeed. He is set up well so you have to take him.
If you are loaded at QB and have 1.1 there is nothing wrong with taking Harrison or dealing the pick.
Seeing a lot of MHJ shares going at the 1.01 in SF leagues so far. Honestly, more than I thought. I think there's still a lot of hate/worry over CW being a giant bust.
I 100% take the QB in SF and I wouldn't think twice. The only reason I wouldn't is if I was stacked at QB and I mean stacked. And then if I was stacked I'd trade out of 1.01 or take Caleb and trade a QB.

You can get the most value for QB. The way I look at it is, it is very difficult to win without QBs. You also need depth to deal with QBs come playoffs (injuries etc).

Caleb is also walking into a great system having tons of weapons and a team that can do well right out the gates. Usually teams that need a QB are bad and might take a year or two to build around the QB.

QBs get taken first due to need and value they carry. Even a guy like Bryce Young is starting to rise again in value as they add weapons around him to help him out.

In SF you can always trade QBs as they are in need.

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