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Edwards Has Surgery (1 Viewer)


Browns Wideout Edwards Undergoes Knee Surgery

No. 3 Draft Pick Played Sporadically but Coach Optimistic on Return

CLEVELAND (Jan. 3) - Browns rookie wide receiver Braylon Edwards had successful surgery Tuesday to repair a torn ligament in his right knee and faces months of rehabilitation.

Edwards, the No. 3 overall pick in last year's draft, injured his knee trying to make a leaping catch in Cleveland's Dec. 4 game against Jacksonville. Edwards tore his anterior cruciate ligament when his knee buckled awkwardly to the inside after he landed stiff-legged on an incompletion.

He missed the Browns' final four games, and had to wait until swelling in his knee subsided before he could have surgery. A player typically needs eight months to recover from the operation, a timetable that could make it difficult for Edwards to be ready for Cleveland's 2006 season opener.

But Browns coach Romeo Crennel is hopeful Edwards, one of the team's top playmakers, will be back sooner.

"I think that he'll be able to do a little bit before then, and I think that we'll be able to have an idea of what he's capable of doing, to a degree," Crennel said. "If he's out there still limping in training camp, then we're going to say, 'Hey, its not going to work. He's going to need more time.' But if he's moving around pretty well and it looks like he can catch and run and all those things, then we'll be more encouraged."

Edwards finished with 32 catches for 512 yards and three touchdowns.

01/03/06 17:40 EST


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