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**Game Thread W1 - Chicago@Washington (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Good luck all as the first Sunday of the season is upon us.For those new to us, here is how the Shark Pool runs on game day.Prior to game time threads about fantasy relevant news are posted and generally pinned. If something is missing let us know. Once game time starts, these threads are unpinned and game threads, injury news etc are pinned. Where possible keep the game comments in that thread. The Shark Pool gets awfully cluttered on Sundays and to keep as much information on the front page as possible, some threads may be merged with others. There should be a venting thread, so try to avoid starting a new thread about the misfortunes of your team. If a thread is started and it doesn't add value to the Shark Pool it may get locked or deletedThis thread is to post anything pertaining to the game listed. Of particular interest are things like how a QB is reacting, how much pressure the D is applying, how well the running game is working or anything, who's getting targetted & anything relevant that fantasy owners may want to see out of this game. Remember not everyone is watching the game, so if someone makes a great catch describe in as much detail as possible.

I guess we'll find out how short Ramsey's leash is thsi year.My guess is Portis looks good, T.Jones looks good, both defenses look better. Probably a defensive TD or close to it will be the turning point in this one.

3 and out....Now we have the Redskins right where we want them....OVERCONFIDENT.Let the studs take the field. Bears D... Pretty special this year, and I'm not talking 'short bus special'

Portis already hurt on the first series. THAT didn't take long.INT Bears!No Portis, no chance for the Skins.

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That "roughing" the passer penalty was the worst call I have ever seen an NFL ref make. Just put red jerseys on the QB's for crying out loud. Hell, lets make it 7 on 7.

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I wonder Cedric Benson make his debut...I have no problem with what the Bears are doing by trying to run the ball and control the clock, but they've got to make sure their defense isn't out there all day.On an interesting side note, there are three former Bears that are starting for the Skins:CB Walt HarrisLB Warrick HoldmanDE Philip Daniels....and I'm sure they'd all love to shove it up the Bears giggy. Harris has a deflected pass and Daniels has a blocked pass also.

Lets GO BEARS O!!!The defense looks pretty good - the pass coverage could be a little better but good enough to keep it Wash scoreless.LETS GET SOME FIRST DOWNS OFFENSE!!

Lets GO BEARS O!!!

The defense looks pretty good - the pass coverage could be a little better but good enough to keep it Wash scoreless.

Does that guy still wrestle? :lmao:

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