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Game Thread W12 - Houston V Cleveland (1 Viewer)


3 straight running plays with Green from the 13?

1) why are they running it all 3 times?

2) why not use their rookie all-purpose RB on 3rd?

Did they really just run Ahman Green FIVE straight times in the red zone including on 2-13 and then again 3-12 :unsure:

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Even if Slaton isn't getting the ball, why aren't they passing it? So dumb. Anyways, I approve of all these Braylon targets, good job Quinn.

Actually they ran 7 consecutive running plays!! Rosenfels was 7 for 8 passing?? I guess Houston wants to establish the run?? 15 running plays to 8 passing. I guess if there ia a positive there was no chance of an interception?

its funny a simple question like is winslow even playing cant be answered by someone watching the game . .whats the use of these type of posts

arent we supposed to be trying to help each other

is winslow not playing
Wondering the same, was going to put Boss in instead but when I seen he was active I stuck with him.
A search of the play by play shows he's playing:1-20-CLE 34 (4:52) 10-B.Quinn pass incomplete short middle to 80-K.Winslow. 1-10-HOU 18 (8:40) 10-B.Quinn pass incomplete short middle to 80-K.Winslow (25-N.Ferguson). 3-6-HOU 14 (8:06) (Shotgun) 10-B.Quinn pass incomplete short right to 80-K.Winslow [92-J.Zgonina].
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He has a broken finger, but we already knew that. I think he's been benched for ineffectiveness.

Thanks Slaton, i sure could have used that 6. Heres to hoping old man Green is out for the year.

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y no screens to slaton. thats where he is dangerous.
Slaton doesn't look like he has any explosion.
I disagree. That Rogers guy is eating up alot of space and closing down alot of the cut back lanes. Now if you would have said lateral quicks then that would be a different thing.
To bad I don't get fantasy points for eating. Just came in here to see if Rogers was injured or what, because for the first time all year he put up a zero in the stat sheet.

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