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Game Thread W6 - New England V San Diego (1 Viewer)

4 shots from the 1 yard line and Moss doesn't see the field? Bad, bad play-calling, and bad coaching from a morale stand point.

quite possibly the worst goal line series i've ever seen. if you're going to throw it, why take all your WRs out?
Exactly what I was thinking. 3 out of 4 passes, all with only TEs in the game. On that 4th down especially, they were 100% looking pass on defense, so why even bother lining up in goaline?At least lineup in a big set with 2 TEs and Moss split out wide in ISO. May as well, that way at least Bellichick would know that if Cassell can't even complete a pass to the best WR in the league when it's 1on1, he can go out and get someone else.
That is how to score from the one.

At the end of the year, this sequence may be the one Pats fans look back on. 3-1 with a chance to cut it to one score, and that happens? Not good at all.

2-19 NE35 (5:49) D.Sproles right end to NE 26 for 9 yards (J.Sanders).

This is how a RB should run the ball.

Man Cassell is bad. Surely there must be an injured Kyle Boller or Jeff George out there somewhere that would be less of a boon.

Oh wow, gone are the days when LT even gets a carry in the red zone. That is some ####ed up ####.
I had LT, he had Gates. I had a 5.5 point deficit, now I have a loss. ####on the plus side, do you think that cheerleader has to deflate those things when she goes home at night? :lmao:
WTF that was a horrible job of hitting by Cassel. A dribbler to the shortstop was the best highlight they could find?

Patriots DST !!! I dont care how high these guys are ranked in the going forward rankings I am turning them loose. They are a spot start at best and they face Denver next week. Goodbye :lmao:

For being such a genius, how does Belicheck find himself in this position? Over the last several years, there haven't been better late round picks or rookie free agents with more tallent than Cassell?

lol at Madden's advice:

If you're going to be a low scoring offense, you're going to need your defense to play better.

Thanks John.

Oh wow, gone are the days when LT even gets a carry in the red zone. That is some ####ed up ####.
No lie. All I need is a TD from LT to win my game. I can see that's obviously asking too much.
Tell me about it. I have LT and my opponent has Rivers. That passing touchdown (6 points) from the one probably lost me the game.
Aye, LT is not startable anymore. *sigh*
I benched him and went with Forte today (to go along with Gore).
So for "going to the ground on his own" it doesn't matter that the Pats WR was grabbing his leg? He would not have been able to get up and run, he would have been down...

And how many steps does he have to take to establish possesion? He took 2 steps after catching the ball and dove over the body of the WR to the ground. At what point does it change from him needing to maintain possession all the way to and ground to the ground cannot cause a fumble?


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