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Greg Olsen - What happened Sunday? (1 Viewer)


Didn't see the game, but hear he managed to lose two fumbles.

Were they complete disasters? was he stripped?

I know the kid has a ton of talent, but does it look like he's translated it to the pro level?

Any buzz if the coaching staff is losing/lost confidence in him to the point of being supplanted by Clark, if not already?

I'm thinking with the emergence of Forte that Olsen could get his opp to flourish, as CHI really doesn't have any WRs that are going to keep DBs up at night, but with what looks like on the surface was a poor performance on Sunday, a solid guy like Clark could give the coaching staff one less thing to worry about.

I was actually at the game and the first fumble was on the Bears first possession when they were already in FG range and stopped the drive. Didn't see exactly what happened in that one. The next fumble was in the 3rd quarter when the Bears had the ball around their own 25 yd. line and he made the catch and was running toward the sideline. Chris Harris was chasing him from the side and looked like he poked the ball out from behind. As the ball was on the ground by the sideline Chris Gamble picked it up around the 40 and returned it back to around the 35 yd. line that produced the Panthers first TD of the game on JStew's running.

Can give an opinion on the the coaches think about his fumbles, but since I was there thought I would tell you when and what I saw at the game. :confused:


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