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How fast is Brian Moorman? (1 Viewer)

I read that he was entered in the NFL's fastest man competition? Were these guys saying this smoking crack? :excited:
It was filmed during the Pro Bowl week and he actually did pretty well. I think he finished 3rd in his 4 man heat. He actually was a stride behind the 1st and 2nd place players. He is plenty fast.I think they were a man short and he begged to be in it. Plus he was also in the obstacle course at the end against all the wr's and rb's, etc. He did pretty well in that one too if I recall correctly. (He opted not to hit the sled and took the penalty but he still finished near the top.)

Overall he seems like a really good athlete. (He also got his start in NFL Europe.)

I watched that too and he was a fast guy and if the penalty for not hitting the sled was so much he would have won that. I was surprised on what he did but you can see he was enjoying himself.

I saw rundown a punt returner one time and I wasn't sure if it was because he had an angle or was genuinely fast? I guess I know now. He must be the fastest punter ever?

So why dont the Bills use him in some formations? I mean if he has sub 11 hundred speed he could add some wrinkles to the offense?

I saw the obstacle course. Skipping of the sled was strategic. I think he would have been right around first place with the standard penalty. However, I thought they chose to DISQUALIFY him since skipping a portion wasn't in the spirit of the event (whether or not it was in the rules).

He is plenty fast.


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