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Joseph Addai - OUT (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Post any updates here

Please note that this is not a who do I start thread regarding this player.

Any posts not relating to the latest injury news will be deleted

Please go to the assistant coach forum if you have a lineup decision to make or bump a more recent thread with discussion other than news about this(these) players status for today.

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Joseph Addai was downgraded to out for Sunday's game because of his hamstring injury.TE Gijon Robinson, who starts at H-back, was also downgraded to out. It's possible both players failed to make the trip to Green Bay. The Colts have disputed reports that Addai has a partially torn hamstring and will miss another 1-3 games, but he wasn't close to playing this week and is likely out next week. Dominic Rhodes will start. Oct. 18 - 10:19 pm et
Confirmation that Addai is OUT from nfl.com

Colts inactives: S Bob Sanders, CB Kelvin Hayden, RB Joseph Addai, TE Gijon Robinson, LB Buster Davis, G Daniel Federkeil, WR Roy Hall, DE Curtis Johnson.Analysis: RB Dominic Rhodes will start in the absence of Addai, who is inactive. Rhodes is a nice No. 2 fantasy runner or flex starter against the Packers.
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