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**Lions 10-4 at Vikings 7-7** (+3, 47.5) 1:00 (1 Viewer)

Mullen sucks.. I can't believe there isn't a kid playing in another league or sitting at home that would not be better than some of these guys getting a NFL paycheck.
Lions are a very good team. I wish Cousins hadn’t gotten hurt because it would’ve been a fun last few weeks of the year I think.

The way it stands unless Jaron Hall is significantly better than any of the other quarterbacks they’ve tried, the Vikings have no future this year.
Lions D having 3rd and 19 with clock at 49 seconds and running.
Time out, 20 seconds and 2 great Jefferson catches later...
Tough but entertaining half. Lions gotta keep up the pressure on Moon Mullens, he's a turnover waiting to happen. Lions OL has to protect Goff and he has to keep things clean.
I'm not able to watch on the road. Was anything said about Monty after he took himself out after the collision?

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