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Live Call-In Audible - "The Drive Block" - 10 pm EST Tonight (1 Viewer)

Sigmund Bloom

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The Drive Block

Cecil has to cover the Broncos game tonight, so give us some questions to fill up the time that would have normally been taken up by his rant!

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Hey Sigmund. PPR league, need help, start 2 WR and 2 RB with 1 flex:

Boldin- def start


D Avery

K Curtis


ADP- start


P Thomas


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What's the deal with the Ravens backfield? Which running back is the one to have going forward?

What impact will Daunte Culpepper have on Calvin Johnson going forward?

Just how crazy is Al Davis?

Sigmund, on the 5 Minute Drill the topic of WRs were covered.

It was mentioned that if you spent more than five minutes trying to decide which WRs to start, you were probably over thinking it. Additionally, the following WRs were listed a must-starts regardless of matchups:

Larry Fitzgerald

Anquan Boldin

Andre Johnson

Calvin Johnson

Steve Smith

Roddy White

Bernard Berrian

Brandon Marshall

Greg Jennings

Dwayne Bowe

I 'get' this list.

It was also mentioned that the following players, while inconsistent, were worth starting over other WRs not on this list or the above one.

Randy Moss

Santana Moss

Terrell Owens

Marques Colston

Braylon Edwards

Donnie Avery

Lee Evans

What I found odd was the nods given to Colston (especially considering his production this season) and Avery but not to Burress. What is it about Burress that excludes him from this list? Matchups, attitude, both? Or was it an oversight.

Additionally, I noticed Reggie Wayne was not on either list.

Edited to add:

Pick one WR to play alongside Brandon Marshall this week in a .5 PPR, 6pt per TD, .1 per rec yard scoring league:

Donnie Avery

Plaxico Burress

Marques Colston

Kevin Curits

Wes Welker


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Hey guys,

It pains me to have to ask this question, but who is my non-PPR flex this week, Dis Mah Son or Megatron? I'm leaning towards Calvin since I'm looking forward to my beloved Patriots bouncing back and keeping Marshawn in check.

Thanks, and tell Andrew my Pats are gonna take care of some AFC East business over the next week!

Mr. D

Hey Fellas,

I have Braylan Edwards as my #2 WR. Of course, I wish I could upgrade to Jennings or Anquan Bolden. I may have the extra parts to do so, especially based upon the needs of the Bolden owner. One of the "age-old" redundant questions: Would you worry that my QB is Warner and with Bolden, as well, my team would have a less diversified offense? Or will Braylan start to pick it up with this new QB? (tough question with new unseen QB, but hey, you guys are GOOD!). Any worries about Anquan's fractured sinus? Please discuss this whole situation.

I'm looking at Defenses and Minn is out there in free agent land. They have a nice away matchup with Detroit in week 14, the first week of the playoffs, where as my Jets have @ SF and my Miami are @KC. Your thoughts on Minny's D?



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Here's my weekly "which WRs do I start" post. I need to pick the best three out of this pretty good group:

Brandon Marshall

Reggie Wayne

Bernard Berrian


Braylon Edwards

I'm leaning toward Marshall, Wayne, and Berrian (in the flex), but I'm not sure I can keep Megatron out of the lineup. I don't really feel good about Braylon with Quinn getting his first start (I do have Winslow in at TE for tonight, however).

Who do you guys think the best three WRs are?

Hey Sigmund, Brady Quinn has been named the starter for the Browns. How do you think this effects Edwards and Winslow (and even Lewis)?

Is Jamaal Charles worth a gamble this week given that Johnson and Kolby Smith are out?

Ben Roethlisberger's shoulder has been causes him to play badly over the past few weeks; with them facing the tough Indy defense do you recommend sitting Big Ben this week if at all possible? I am thinking Cassel in one of my leagues.

Every time I think about Al Davis I have this picture of "The Lord Humongous" from the Road Warrior with the head coaches tied to the front of the truck.

Is that just me?

1) Can you guys throw out a deeeep dynasty stash at each position- QB, RB, WR, TE

2) I drafted Earl Bennett thinking he was one of the most NFL ready rookie WR's. What kind of dynasty value does he have considering he has not had any looks on a weak Bears WR group.

3) Im having a tough time deciding my WR's this week. PPR need 4 out of these 6






V. Jackson

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last episode of 5 min drill this week. Just wanted to say kudos on a job well done
Agreed. That being the last episode for the season makes me a sad, sad panda. :scared:As for Drive Block stuff, in case I'm not able to catch you guys live tonight:Over the course of the last month or so, the 3 of you, to some degree or another, have espoused trading Mike Turner before his nasty playoff schedule rolls around. I totally get the logic there. However, given that he also still has the Saints(twice), the Chargers and the Broncos still remaining on his schedule too......would it be totally foolish for, say, a midle-of-the-pack team to acquire him(for a surplus at whatever position) with the intent being to use him to vault them to the playoffs? Granted, once in the playoffs he may not be a whole lot of help, but stranger things have happened. Vikings could be down a DT(or more) by then, etc. Just seems that, in my leagues anyway, that there are a lot of Turner owners who have their finger on the button to deal him because of those Tampa/Minnesota matchups late. There could be some hay to be made there if you catch a Turner owner in the right, or wrong, frame of mind. Thoughts?
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Hi Sigmund,

I need some help looking forward in a .5 PPR, 6 pts per TD, .1 per yard auction league ($200.00 cap). Start 1QB, 2RB 1RB/WR/TE, 3 WR, 1 PK 1 TD--17 man roster, 12 player league. Also a modified keeper system, can keep any number of players for $5.00 more than paid for them the first year, $10.00 more than the first year kept on second year, and $15.00 more than the second year kept. I am in third place with a 6-3 record. I have two questions.

My roster is as follows:

QB T Romo, J, Delhomme

RB A Peterson, R. Bush, J Lewis, C. Taylor

WR R. White, L Coles, J Cotchery, B Berrian, D Mason, K Curtis, S Rice

TE Donald Lee

K R Longwell

TD Colts, Panthers

Question 1. I am looking to upgrade at TE. I think I may be able to swing a deal with the team who owns Kellen Winslow, and Dallas Clark. He really needs a WR. Given I must start 3 WR and probably 1 fles, given my thin RB roster until Reggie Bush comes back, which of my WR do you think I should offer, also keeping in mind that all of my WR might be good keeper options next year?

Question 2.

Now that the byes are through, I am looking to use one of my spots for a keeper flyer next year, and will dump one Def at end of the year to grab another keeper. Currently, Sidney Rice holds that spot. What players might you suggest that might be on the waiver wire that might emerge in next preseason or even towards the end of the year?

thank you guys very much. Sigmund, you have been right on on your sleepers of the week this year. I have a new motto- "don't doubt Bloom!"


Hey Fellas...will miss tonight possibly.

I just pulled a trade, wanted to know your opinions.

50%/50% Scoring TDs/Yards, non-ppr. Start 2 RB/3 WR/1 Flex

I lost Schaub (after losing Brady)...so have Sage R. and Campbell left.

My RBs: LenDale, ChrisJohnson, TJones, Jon Stewart, DeAngelo, Torain, R.Rice

My WR: TO, Marshall, Colston, DBowe, AGonzalez, Berrian.

I received Cutler and gave away DeAngelo and BBerrian.

1. Too much? I figured those guys are pretty far down my bench and was desperate for QB.

2. How do you see the DEN Passing game and offense doing in the next few weeks and Fantasy Playoffs?

Hey Guys,

Great show last week. Questions for you:

(1) like a good Bloom disciple I've got Aaron Stecker stored away on a few teams... but two weeks have passed since the initial news and now there's been nothing but silence about the suspension... last waivers are this week and I'm fighting for the playoffs (got a good lineup but there's some decent flex guys on the waiver wire like Mark Bradley, Rashied Davis, Josh Morgan)... HELP! Dump Stecker or keep him?

(2) Also, Roy Williams WR Dal... PPR leagues where I've had the luxury of benching him for weeks, bnut now those waiver deadlines are coming... dump him or keep him?

(3) Lastly, Edgerrin James... is there a chance for a resurgence (10-15 points PPR Flex) in this later part of the season, or should I dump him?


Great show as always guys -- one of the best podcasts around, no doubt, no doubt. In the unfortunate event of a Sunday afternoon wedding in November, what is the protocol for face time at the reception? Assuming you are not in the wedding party, and are just another guest, would it be frowned upon to allocate three dances to the wife before grabbing a plate of food and heading for the nearest TV room?

This may work more for Andrew's show more than this one but you all have to check out "Get Rhythm" off the Johnny Cash remix CD; guaranteed to get that Audi of yours up to warp speed in no time Cecil.

Is Lendale throwing marbles on the turf when he runs into the line these days or does he actually have enough speed to break through to the third level? I suspect some Wrestlemania action going on here!

Will Jacksonville get their running game together this year? It looks like this team is imploding. Is DelRio part of the problem in that he is trying to make more out of the passing game than he should or is the Offensive Line just unable to run block. This has been another very disappointing year for MJD.

Sorry I've been AWOL...been traveling a lot on Thursdays, but I have three important items:


In one league I start 2 WR slots and 2 Flex W/? slots so I can have up to 4 WRs playing. Choosing from:

Andre Johnson

Brandon Marshall

Larry Fitzgerald

Dwayne Bowe

Braylon Edwards

I'm definitely playing A.P. and Michael Turner in my two RB slots, so the flex W/R slot has MJD. After you've selected the receivers would you play any of the remaining WRs over MJD? Sure he's against Detroit, but the Jags can be iffy.


I have a larger question about Braylon Edwards (if you haven't answered it already) what do you think of his prospects against Denver? New QB vs bad defense?


I take back anything good I've said about my Broncos this year.

Coloradan Stuck In Texas


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1. If you had to choose today, would you keep Jamal Lewis or Kevin Smith in a dynasty? Assume the team is not competitive this season but has enough talent to be in the thick of the playoff race next year.

2. Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech. Who wins?

If, in fact, Matt Hasselbeck is back and healthy for Week 11, do you consider him a QB1 for the remainder of this season?

What do you think of his dynasty prospects?

What are your thoughts on Mike Walker in a dynasty league. Is there is any validity to all the hype this guy has gotten? JAX doesn't seem like the place for a top WR but maybe that's because they don't have a WR worthy on their roster (cue Matt Jones music)

Hey fellas,

I really enjoyed the 5 min drill this season I really hate to see it end. Great job though. I need a little help with my line up. It is a PPR league with recievers also getting 1 point per 10 yards and 6 for TDs. Running back are standard scoring.

I have to start three recievers, On the last 5 min drill :thumbup: You said to always start R. White and S. Smith (CAR) So a little help with Odd man out:

Roddy White (start)

Steve Smith (start)

M. Colston

D. Avery

Lance Moore

Also who should I start at RB need 2

Ray Rice


S. Jackson

R. Torain

Thanks for the great show. Can't wait till next year for more 5 min drill.

I would love your take on this, gents. The Audible is by far the best Podcast out there - nicely done.

In a 12-team PPR league (standard scoring, .5 per catch), would you trade Chris Johnson (he's my flex starter with AP and Marian Barber) for one of Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, or Lee Evans? How about Santana Moss or Roddy White (different owner).

My WRs are: Andre Johnson, Royal, Avery, and Santonio Holmes. I would like to beef up WR2 if possible. Thoughts on those guys?



(1)So after last weeks fiasco, should I feel comfortable starting McGahee this week?

With MB3 on a bye and Bush out, my RB2 options are currently either McGahee or Rhodes

RBs that are available are: BenJarvus Green-Ellis (aka Law firm), Sproles, Norwood, Julius Jones, Fargas, Rudi Johnson, and Mewelde was just dropped (and FWP is apparently questionable)

Any of these guys a better option than McGahee this week? He totally screwed me last week and Harbaugh is turning into the new Shanahan, so Im a little concerned.

(2) I wanted to know if yinz guys thought the Patriots were too harsh on their 18 yr old hottie cheerleader by firing her for having photos on facebook showing her drawing/writing naughty things on her passed out friend. I personally, wouldve given her a 2nd chance

(3) Bloom, thoughts on B Leftwich? He looked very good on monday. This year to me, Ben just doesnt get out of the pocket when its falling apart like he had in the past, this year it just seems he moves a few feet to wherever within the pocket, buys himself an extra second, and gets sacked. Not saying Leftwich can rollout better, and hes got his windup throwing motion, but Leftwich looked mighty good and also seemed to check down to Mewelde more than Ben has.

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Jamal Charles or Brandon Jacobs.

.5pts per carry, but also .5 pts per rec.

I love Jacobs, but the split with Ward is really bothering me. I know coach says Charles is not an everyday back, but I think he goes off.

Thanks for all the 5min drill episodes and gladd you guys are still rolling with the drive block. Oh and Cecil, Im almost embarrassed to say....but I am a Lions fan....try and go easy on them.

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i know its a bit early, but thoughts on shady mccoy? as a pitt alum/fan i have been fortunate to get many of their games out here in Boulder, and he seems to have "it". i'm not that great at scouting but his vision seems very good and he also looks to run patiently behind his blockers until he gets the seam and then shifts gears instantly and bursts through it. he also has pretty good hands and great agility, am i crazy, or is he gonna be special?

as always, thanks a ton for your work. much appreciated.

Hey fellas, really appreciate the show! I'd like you to share your thoughts feelings opinions on four guys in dynasty Sage Rosenthells, Jerome Harrison, L McClain, Jamarcus Russell. Thanks for the assist!

Love the show, need some RB help, pick 2, 1/10 rush+rec, 6/TD:

Deangelo at OAK

R.Brown vs SEA

Marshawn at NE

If Stewart is out, Deangelo is a must. And I like him even if Stewart plays. Also I love starting anybody vs SEA when they come East. So do I bench Dis Mah Son?


Guys - can you help us make some sense of the Whack-A-Mole game that is the Baltimore RB situation? McGahee was THE MAN last year, but an injury got a lot of people lathered up over Ray Rice. A good preseaon showing by Rice led to, of course, the emergence of LeRon McClain. This doesn't seem like the usual RBBC where the carries are split every week, but a new feature back seems to emerge every few weeks.

What do you guys think will happen here for the rest of this year and into 2009?


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