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MNF Thread (1 Viewer)

That's rubbish.... nothing wrong with Collins' pitch.On another tangent..... THROW THE BALL TO FRIGGING MCCARDELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!I need 0.2 OF A POINT out of McCardell to win and he pulls this drop the ball crap.......SO help me he better not pull a hammy or something and sit the game outWhat has everyone else got riding on this game?

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Come on, the pitch was clearly Collins' fault. They call it a "toss" for a reason.........you don't just rifle those things at the backs hips.I think these two teams are going to set a record for punts.

On the facemask penalty on Washington, should that still have been counted as a sack? That's what NFL.com is showing...Also, how do you give Strahan a sack on that B.Johnson run for zero yards? It was a run, wasn't it?

Giants miss Shockey. He opens up the middle of the field so well for them. Look for more passes to Tiki underneath.

It's not looking to good for some people in my league.It's still early.I'm just sitting here drinking some home made brew (Continental Pilsner) watching and talking football.Toomer just dropped a TD.

Is Matrix doing play by play for ABC tonight or just padding his post count?
i'm one of matrix's biggest critics on these boards but i think what he is doing in this thread is fine. some people cannot see the game and unlike other people on the boards, he's giving updates that some people can only get while watching the game. i like it
Holy ####!!! Did you see the hit Stoutmire put on McCardell? And I guess we can welcome Charles Lee to the world of FF... Keyshawn who???

In a keeper league.... Keyshawn is a FA right now.... but, Is Charles Lee (2-62 and a td tonight) worth a pickup for this year? Or do I pick Keyshawn up either to keep for trade bait later or as one of my keepers??? Just a Q to think about during the game

Am needing big games from MCCardell and Toomer to win games & division in one league, and all I'm getting is dropped TD passes and fumbles.I'm going to go cry now.

Did I hear correctly, was there talk about playing Ronde on offense at some pt tonight from Gruden. I may be hearing things besides the voices in my head...

I need big games from Keenan and Ronde...not looking too good so far...although, I do like how involved Keenan is yet again.

Boy I am glad that I am not counting on Toomer for points tonight.Those two drops are the stuff that makes you want to put your foot in the TV. :wacko:


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