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Monday Night Thread Rams Vs. Falcons (1 Viewer)

I'm hoping Bulger connects with Isaac Bruce about 3 or 4 times in the endzone and that the Defense returns a couple TO's for TD's. I need Holt and Gordon to do jack squat though.

Peerless Price scores 5 points (fantasy wise) and I don't care what everyone else does---except lead you to victory of course... ;)

Following the game on CBS Sportsline. They've changed their look, again. The helmets have gotten smaller, looks like they are going to track the current drives.

Should have kicked the FG **GRIN** I only need 6.. is that too much to ask from Feely.that was a horrible through from Johnson, they shoul have kept running Duckett

Why wouldn't the falcons just give the ball to Duckett?why pass... you cannot pass the ball.Give the ball to TJ. 1st down he gets 8 yards... then comes out.. Two plays later you punt. Reeves = *fill in the blank*FYI, I don't have Duckett on any of my teams. I just don't get why they won't just keep giving it to him.

Why dont they keep it with whats working??? RUN DUCKETT!!!
Exactly. He should get 40 carries the ay this is going. 1st down - Duckett goes for 8 and you end up punting on 4th and 2? Pound him until they stop it.
Looks like both RB's are having their way with the defenses. If both teams stick to running the ball, I figure we will see a pair of 100 yd rushers tonight.

Duckett sure looks good when he gets the ball in his hands, always seems to be getting that positive yardage.
I think about 50 people have already said that.As for some real news: looks like the Falcons forgot to play passing defense. Should be a long night.Can Timmy come out and play?
I will say that, as a Duckett owner/starter, I am biased. However, I am behind a ton and just want to see my player do well this week.Why oh why doesnt Reeves run more? They give the ball to TJ 5 times in a row and he runs down the field...The next pass is picked in the red zone. Next drive, he runs for 8 yards, then 2 incompletions...Ugh! Just run every freakin play...DJohnson SUCKSEdit for some spelling errors

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Why wouldn't the falcons just give the ball to Duckett?
Because I need Alge to score a TD!! :yes: (but couldn't agree with you more, if I gave a rip about the Falcons. TJ gets 8 on first and then 2 passes???)
What the hell kind of play call was that on fourth down? You've been running the ball all game, why not try running behind the line to get that first down instead of a naked toss out of the backfield? Geez.

Martz is the biggest overrated coach ever. Bad playcalling that gets masked by good overall results. But, we all see what happens when all is not in the right quadrant for the Rams and the losses mount.

Just take the points you idiot. Does anyone overcoach more than he?
Over coaching may be too much of a compliment. The guy needs to realize that there are 50 guys in the NFL with IQ's at or above his and that he can in fact be wrong as unreal as that may seem to him.
Crumpler with a fumble---he's just dug some of you guys into a deep hole.BTW--Red Sox winning 2-1 in the top of the 7th.

I need the Rams defense to go insain, pitch a shutout, and score 3 TD's.Won't happen, but there is always hope :wall:

Crumpler with a fumble---he's just dug some of you guys into a deep hole.
I was up by two coming into this game...other guy didn't have anyone playing! Lost fumble = not good...Thought about benching him, but thought it would be cheap.

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