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New England at Cincinnati (1 Viewer)

A 2nd Cinci defender knocked the guy off trying to tackle Bolden on that run

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Glad to see the Bengals overcome Dalton's 1st-ever Red-Zone interception to win the game.

Also nice to see the 5th 85+ yard (and 4th 90+ yard) TD drive of the year serve as the game winner.

Who Dey!


Dalton is really holding Cincy back. They seem like a team that has just about everything except for a starting NFL QB.
Texans fans feel your pain. As evidenced today with the colts, a competent qb can win you games in this league against great teams.

I was at the game and that rain in the last five minutes was coming down in buckets. It killed any chance for Brady to rally the Pats.

Dalton has really regressed this year. Stupid penalties and wasting timeouts is a weekly problem. Defense played great but NE has no weapons right now.

he looked like Carey in Dumb and Dumber, lol. Pats are in it deep, I blame the Krafts for a lot of this. Amendola and Gronk are not going to suddenly answer all their problems. It really an historic mental FAILURE to not get legitimate wr's around a player like Brady. The weird thing is the Pats are 4-1 but the worst 4-1 in the history of the NFL. Thompkins has hands of stone that occasionally work, Dobson is waiver wire fodder, Amendola's muscles are off the bone, Gronk's plates hurt on the bone... Greg Jennings, Boldin, Wallace, whoever, woud've been a start. Look at what happens when a good QB, like Rodgers or Peyton is surrounded by playmakers. The Krafts are cheap- and arrogant- and foolish. So by playoff time Dob son and Thompkins and gang are going to be rolling down the tracks? I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see it.

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