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No nfl team will go 0-16 in 2013.... (1 Viewer)

T with T

Now that the Jacksonville Jaguars put their stake in the ground and have made the Tampa bay bucs the only team without a win in the nfl.... I feel that Tb will indeed win very soon if not tonight. Gonna be a hard fought battle in TB and could see an upset in the wings. What do you fellow sharks think about TB going forward and for their chances to get a win. The 2008 Detroit lions have to be the only 0-16 team in history with Dan Orlovsky as their leader.

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Hell Tampa could win tonight considering all the turmOil going on with the Dolphins
Yep. They were so close to winning early in the year but didn't. I think they do win tonight and I'll bite and say they win 3 games this year. Fins, falcons, bills.

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Tampa is a pretty decent squad for a winless team. They could pretty realistically be 4-4 right now. They have four losses by a FG or less against some pretty good teams. I think their chances of finishing 0-16 are well below 10% at this point.

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