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Officially Unofficial FBG Post-season Kicker Contest! (1 Viewer)

I appreciate it. I will absolutely add this clarification to the rules next year. Missed kicks should always penalize rather than rewards scoring.
Well, they do penalize the kicker if you factor that into the kicker's score total but I guess that is a meaningless penalty to some degree. You want the penalty to be very hurtful to the contestent....not the kicker. It definitely changes the kicker I would choose in the future. The way I took it, I could factor in the likelihood of a kicker missing a kick into my point total guess. In the future, I will now put out my vibes to my kicker not to miss any kicks and therefore won't factor it in there.........hahahaha
Yeah, a MPAT or MFG is considered separate from the scoring differentials, and added on after the fact to increase the differential.

it would be silly to have an MFG or MPAT back you into being closer to a win.
Suppose I have guessed 7.8 and 36 long.

And say my kicker is exactly at 7.8 and 36 long currently (I'm perfect currently).

Then in the final seconds of the game he lines up to attempt a game-winning 62-yard field goal. If he makes it, all of a sudden instead of being off by 0.0, I'll be off by a massive 29.6. (Edit: 32.8. Dont know where I got 29.6.)

However, he misses it, and now I'm still perfect and just get 1 added to my score, for a final score of 1.0. So his miss helped me tremendously anyway despite the "misses can't help you" line of reasoning.

Granted, the whole package of attempt+miss still hurt me by one point. But, given the attempt, the miss was way, way, way better than a make. 🤷‍♂️
File that under “I” for “it is what it is”

Also worth noting: the miss is what helped the prognostication, not the fact that we penalize for misses.

The point was that the penalty point will never go to anyone’s benefit.

The hypothetical isn’t “guess was 1 point off from the actual, and the penalty point gave them a perfect entry”.

In that hypothetical situation the only reason the entry would still be in the running is because of the miss, and would still be pushed 1 point off of perfection by the penalty.

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