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Percy Harvin getting talked about - returns in 3-4 weeks? (1 Viewer)

Team Smokin'

What kind of impact are you imagining or foreseeing Harvin producing for the Seahawks down the stretch. Is he a top 20 WR prospect? Top 10? Top 5?

He's a playmaker alright and I think Coach Carroll would like nothing more than to show him off right out of the box. Touchdown Percy Harvin!

Your thoughts on Harvin?

If only there were two threads on this topic already.
Wheeeeee! Wheeeeee! The thread police are here!!!!!

Edit - One thread is entitled "Harvin to Seahawks". That means - Harvin went to the Seahawks. That does not mean Harvin is perhaps coming back next week. That is a different topic.

You see, we get to start different threads for different topics. Not difficult to understand.

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