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Philosophical Thought - Avoiding Players For Non Football Reasons? (1 Viewer)


I try to avoid players with off the field issues, but that isn’t set in stone If I think they can become fantasy relevant in a reasonable timeframe and I can get them at a reasonable price. If they develop off the the field problems after I obtain them, I typically ride it out unless I’m surprised by a good offer. I don’t blacklist players for moral reasons, I do it for fantasy reasons ONLY. I would have OJ Simpson on my team if he was fantasy relevant. This is fantasy football, not marrying my granddaughter.
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Does not factor in my decision at all. It's not a real football team. I don't have to think of my fanbase. I don't have to answer questions at a podium. It's like poker to me. It's just a game of chance. It's a 15/16 week thinking game with 11 other friends.

Ministry of Pain

Your moral compass can point 12 O'Clock North all you want but if some of the others have theirs set at say 11:50, you're spotting the other teams 6 points before you even take the first player in the Draft.

But feel good about it. I don't like what Watson did and have no intentions of drafting him but if for some reason he were available on waivers at a point int he season where I felt he could help my team with a late season surge assuming I even make it that far into the season and Playoffs, you're damn right I am going to pick him up and see what he does if I need some pop at QB. But the likelihood of actually "needing" him at QB if I am having a good season not as likely as just keeping him off someone else's roster with one of those 11:50 compasses ;)

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