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QB Bryce Perkins, LAR (1 Viewer)



Bryce Perkins completed 5-of-10 passes for 64 yards in Los Angeles' Week 11, 27-20 loss to the Saints, adding five carries for 39 yards.​

Coming in to relieve Matthew Stafford in the third quarter, Perkins' 23-yard run on his second dropback matched a Rams season-high for rushing yardage on a single play. Los Angeles tried to use him as a play-action boot threat, but eventually had to resort to dropping back to pass as time ran out. Perkins took three sacks against a depleted Saints defensive line that still managed to have its way with Los Angeles' backups on the offensive line. If Perkins starts next week -- it's an open question -- he's got some rushing upside. The Chiefs could threaten to game-script the reeling Rams and make it irrelevant.
Nov 20, 2022, 4:06 PM ET
Concussion protocl in B2B games, he missed last week in concussion protocol
I did not read what his wife spoke out about in what the NFL does but I'm guessing she wasn't siding with the NFL
I would imagine we might not see Matt for a while
Rams must rebuild their OL

Sean McVay said, "You'll see on Sunday," when asked if Bryce Perkins would start versus the Chiefs.​

McVay did confirm that Perkins got the starter's reps in practice this week, which pretty much settles the question. Matthew Stafford has already been ruled out while John Wolford was limited in practice throughout the week because of a neck issue. Assuming Perkins starts, he should be good for a substantial workload as a runner, though that will only put him in the QB2 conversation.
SOURCE: Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter
Nov 25, 2022, 1:44 PM ET

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