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QBs you have the most shares of? (1 Viewer)


Justin Herbert - I consider him a nice buy low candidate due to injuries last year and the addition of QJ

Cousins - A high floor guy with a low ADP

Danny Dimes - Rushing numbers are real and improved weaponry should make for a value play

Sam Howell - My favorite deep draft dart throw in best balls
Lamar Jackson, I think he's right there with Allen/Hurts/Mahomes, just has to stay upright. Best supporting cast of his career, and I'm a big Monken fan.

Overall, I think this is a good year to not wait at QB.
Most shares is Jimmy G. Not on purpose and don't expect anything other than low level heartache from him, like normal. Don't make the same mistake I've made, stay in school kids.
I have stronger hopes for Justin Herbert this season...
Deshaun Watson.

Top tier level QB, at middle tier QB prices.

Smarten up, before it's too late.
In the mocks where I haven't gotten Lamar, Herbert or Watson have been my preferred fallbacks, especially Herbert. Both guys have better supporting casts than a year ago, and better health/situations for themselves.

Herbert is kind of in a tier of his own for me. He's not quite on Burrow/Fields level, but I think he's comfortably ahead of Lawrence/Watson. Along those same lines, I'm not really sure why Watson is a worse prospect than Lawrence, other than Lawrence is obviously more likeable. Seems weird to me that Lawrence is often going 2 rounds earlier.
Well I'm only in one league, so basically: Hurts (x1) and Geno Smith (x1). Will likely be drafting in the range of one to two of the top 3 rookie QB's.
I've grabbed a lot of Ridder late as a 2nd or 3rd QB. I do a lot of best balls where you're drafting to a scenario. I like to stack him with London/Bijan/Pitts/Hollins or some combo. I think Ridder's feet give him a safe floor, with some amazing playmakers around him. Even when I'm not stacking though, I still have a lot of shares of him late because he is so cheap. Like 16th-20th round so I have a lot of shares. 50% and it's probably way too high.

Jordan Love at 23% and I have a ton of Watson/Doubs some Reed/Musgrave. Need to get more Jones/Dillon.

Justin Fields at 16% with a lot of best ball stacks as well. Atlanta plays Chicago week 17 so there is some correlation between those squads.

Next heaviest shares go something like Goff, Lamar, Cousins, Purdy and then sprinklings of the rest.

That's through ~60 best ball drafts
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4 dynasties: (SF) Burrow and Watson; Burrow, Lamar, and the 16 teamer where I can't win for Love or Murray.
In dynasty it's Mahomes.

In redraft it's Lamar followed closely by Love, Rodgers and Howell with the later 3 all being QB2-3 type teen round picks, usually in an effort to stack.

Overall it's a dead even tie between Mahomes and Lamar but most of my Mahomes ownership is dynasty, all of my Lamar ownership is redraft.
Mahomes in one dynasty league. Herbert in the other. And that, my friends, is the relative strength of (or lack of) each team in a nutshell. It all starts and ends with those guys. One league (Herbert) is a 1 point per 10 yards passing, completion percentage dependent, and six-point TDs, so QBs win games by passing vs. other QBs on any given day. The value of QBs is very high in this league. It's more like Superflex without the demand for crappy QBs. It's a great scoring system that I'd encourage.
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My dynasty portfolio QB shares:

I only have five 1QB leagues anymore, with two shares of Fields, and one each of Mahomes, Burrow, Kyler Murray and Ridder. I typically don't carry a backup during the offseason in FFPC 1QB leagues.


Ridder 9 - 60%
Mahomes 3 - 20%
Fields 3 - 20%
Love 3 - 20%
Mayfield 3 - 20%
Purdy 3 - 20%
Geno 2 - 13%
Lance 2 - 13%
Darnold 2 - 13%

Allen 1 - 7%
Lamar 1 - 7%
Dak 1 - 7%
Rodgers 1 - 7%
Wilson 1 - 7%
Stroud 1 - 7%
Richardson 1 - 7%
Mac Jones 1 - 7%
Minshew 1 - 7%
McCoy 1 - 7%
End up with Stafford in almost every BB league. So cheap
Im a hard pass on Stafford this year. Poor team, probably tanking, some health questions and maybe some mental commitment issues coming from both his health and his wife.

Hard to see him playing all season and even though he is cheap I would go elsewhere.

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