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Reuben Randle or Robert Woods for the rest of the season? (1 Viewer)


I grabbed Woods off the WW this week and see Randle was dropped. Who has more upside the rest of the season?

Giants have some very easy def coming up, and if Nicks goes down Randle steps in. I understand right now Woods is getting all the hype but I asked for the rest of the season.

One thing that would sway me is how bad the Giants D is right now (a lot of garbage stats for Randle). I think the Giants will improve on their line issues and Randle to me looks more spry than Nicks, maybe he replaces him by end of year. Woods is still a rookie and will have ups and downs.

Bills week 14,15,16- TB, JAX, MIA

Giants week 14,15,16- SD, SEA, DET

Both schedules look pretty favorable except for TB and SEA, depends who Revis and Sherman shadow. If you can stash both, it might not hurt in a 3wr start league?

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Woods. Simple reason for me is no real threat to take targets away besides Johnson.

rjv said:
Woods. Simple reason for me is no real threat to take targets away besides Johnson.
IMO Johnson's presence helps Woods. He draws away the stronger coverage that allows Woods to flourish. People seem to think if Stevie went down it would mean big things for Woods, but I don't think that's the case. I'd prefer Woods continues to out-snap Johnson but continue to see increasing attention from Manuel.

In Dynasty, what are your thoughts on what the Giants do long term? Will they resign Nicks? That is really the gamble I might try. I am thinking about trading for Randle now while his value is luke warm in the hope they let Nicks go.

No shot they resign Nicks and they love Randle. I have to imagine they attempt to shore up the o-line this off-season and Randle becomes a viable fantasy option next season.

Outside chance that Nicks gets franchised, but I think it's more likely he walks in free agency this offseason. Popular speculation is home to Carolina.


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